Thomas Jefferson University

Lync for Macintosh

Clients with Apple desktops or laptops deployed by Jeff IT with the new OS X Mavericks image will get their pre-installed Lync application activated the evening of 3/28 so that the next time they log in the Lync icon will appear on the Apple Dock alongside the other Microsoft applications.

Clients with older OS X versions 10.5 – 10.8 that wish to use the Lync client may download and install the software using all the default settings by following this link for the Installer/Update from the Microsoft download center web page. (Macintosh users ONLY)

Lync Install

This document is a run through of the install and configuration of the Microsoft Lync client for Mac. Clients may download the Lync install package for the Jefferson web site.


After downloanding the file, double click the install package which appears as depicted, and reside in the Downloads folder 

1. Double click the Lync.pkg to start the install.

2. Click the Continue button.  

3. Click the Install button.

4. Input your Campus Key and Password

5. At this point the application is installed.  Click the close button.    


1. To Start Lync, double click the Lync icon in the applications folder on your machine.

← Login window
After logging in →

2. Input your for E-mail and User ID at the Login window. Input your Password and check the Remember my password box if you like.  Click the “Sign in” button.

3. Installation and configuration is complete.