Thomas Jefferson University

Lync on the
Outlook Web Application
aka OWA

Using Office 365 Lync from within JeffMail

Log on to JeffMail

Note: Lync for Office 365 does not work from within the Lite version of the Outlook web interface that Jeff IT recommends for Windows XP users.

1. Go to and login

Signing into Lync

1. If you are not automatically signed in to Lync, click on your name then click on “Sign in to IM”
2. Once signed in, your online status will be updated. You will now be able to see the status of other Lync users.

Finding People & Sending a Message

There are a few ways to find someone and send them a message.

1. Click on People to go to the Contacts page.
2. Select Directory on the left hand side of the window and start typing a name in the search field.
3. People matching that name will automatically populate the list once you hit enter.
4. Once you’ve found the person you would like to message, click the person’s name then click the “Send Instant Message” button. This opens the message window.
5. Type your message and click the send button.

Note: If the message recipient is offline, they will not receive the message.

Receiving a Message

1. When receiving a message from someone, you will see a notification in the top right hand corner of your window. Choose to accept or ignore by clicking on the appropriate button. This will open the message window.