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Artificial Pancreas Center

Welcome to the Jefferson Artificial Pancreas Center (APC) web site

The APC is dedicated to improving glycemic management through the development and testing of glucose-sensing technologies and drug delivery systems to ultimately achieve a fully automated artificial endocrine pancreas.

An artificial endocrine pancreas consists of a continuous glucose monitoring system, an insulin infusion pump, a glucose/glucagon infusion pump and a computer controller. Such a system will decrease errors in insulin delivery, eliminate the risk for hypoglycemia, and improve a diabetic person’s quality of life. Intensive insulin therapy and near-normal blood glucose control has been shown to decrease morbidity and mortality leading to improved long-term clinical outcome and decreased cost.

Our multidisciplinary team of physicians, engineers, scientists, nurses, dieticians, pharmacists, and veterinarians are currently developing systems for both ambulatory patients with diabetes and hospitalized patients with diabetes or stress-induced hyperglycemia.