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Regional Anesthesia/Acute Pain Management

Working with members of the acute pain service, the fellow will learn techniques and theories of treating, preventing and managing postoperative pain for orthopedic, urologic, gynecologic, general and thoracic surgical procedures. Elective time is available in various anesthesia clinical areas. An opportunity for general operating room anesthesia cares is also available. The fellow will design and implement at least one clinical or laboratory research project during the year. In addition, the fellow will gain experience by participating in ongoing clinical trials. The fellow will be supported to attend two national meetings and for delivery of abstracts and/or papers at other meetings. Click here for the fellowship program's goals and objectives. Please contact Dr. Baratta  for information about the fellowship.


  1. Proficiency in the application of a wide variety of blocks for surgical anesthesia and pain management including:
    • the upper and lower extremity (including continuous catheter techniques)
    • the superficial cervical plexus
    • intercostal nerve block
    • intravenous regional anesthesia
    • spinal anesthesia
    • epidural anesthesia
    • combined spinal epidural (CSE)
    • thoracic and lumbar paravertebral
  2. Proficiency in the operation of an Acute Pain Service
  3. In depth knowledge of:
    • the pharmacology of local anesthetics
    • complications of regional anesthesia and their treatment
  4. Fellows will be exposed to anatomic dissection to enhance their understanding of blind procedures and spatial relationships.
  5. Each fellow will participate in a research project.

The fellowship can be structured to meet the individual's career goals. Regional anesthesia, acute pain management and pain related research could be portioned to accomplish these goals. Research opportunities include clinical and laboratory programs, clinical trials and pain management outcome studies. Upon completion of the fellowship, the candidate will be proficient in a wide variety of blocks, able to manage an acute pain service, and design and carryout a research project.

Possible fellowship structures to meet the individual's career goals:

  • Regional focus with acute pain management, some OR anesthesia commitment, research project, anatomic dissection.
  • Regional acute pain with a broader clinical focus possibly including OB analgesia/anesthesia, research project, some OR commitment that provides a broader clinical base than I. This could be structured to include a concentration in another clinical area.
  • Comprehensive Pain Fellowship
    A 2-year program including primary academic and research goals. Proficiency in chronic and acute pain management, regional anesthesia, research focus, anatomic dissection. Some OR commitment.


  • Eugene Viscusi, MD
  • Jaime Baratta, MD
  • Rehana A. Jan, MD
  • Thomas A. Witkowski, MD
  • Eric Schwenk, MD
    Director of Orthopedic Anesthesia

Eugene Viscusi, MD
Director of Acute Pain Medicine

Dr. Baratta

Jaime Baratta, MD
Director of Regional Anesthesia

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