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Students will be evaluated throughout their clerkship.  The evaluation process consists of four components: written evaluations, clinical skills sessions, case simulations, and the grade on the final written examination.

Written evaluations: During the clerkship, students will be evaluated on their performance during each clinical shift.  EM/ACS physicians will complete these evaluations.  These evaluations will focus on the following categories: reliability, initiative, judgment/professionalism, knowledge in clinical situations, relationship with instructors, handling of initial case history, physical examination, differential diagnosis and reasoning priorities, patient follow-up, attitude towards patients, and ordering and interpreting laboratory and diagnostic tests.  Written evaluations will also include any additional positive or negative comments. 

Clinical skills: At the end of the clerkship, students will be evaluated on the performance of certain clinical skills taught during the clerkship.  Evaluation of these clinical skills will take place in the clinical skills laboratory and will be graded by an EM /ACS physicians.  Students will be evaluated on critical actions necessary for each clinical skill being tested.

Case Simulations

Written Examination: Students will be required to take a 100 question single-best answer multiple choice EM examination.  Questions will be written by members of the Emergency Medicine faculty.  Passing score for the written examination is 70% correct.

Dr. Christopher

Theodore A. Christopher, MD, FACEP
Professor and Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine

Dimitrios Papanagnou

Dimitrios Papanagnou, MD, MPHL, EdD(c)
Vice Chair, Education
Department of Emergency Medicine

1020 Sansom Street
Suite 239
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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