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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Medical Oncology Professionals' Perceptions of Telehealth Video Visits
  2. Unmet Behavioral Health and Social Needs of Home Healthcare Patients and Their Caregivers
  3. Patient-important outcomes to inform shared decision making and goal setting for diabetes treatment
  4. In Reply to Hancock and Mattick
  5. A randomized clinical trial of a collaborative home-based diabetes intervention to reduce emergency department visits and hospitalizations in black individuals with diabetes
  6. Development and preliminary validation of a scale to measure patient uncertainty: The “Uncertainty Scale”
  7. "i had no other choice but to catch it too": The roles of family history and experiences with diabetes in illness representations
  8. Cognitive Deficits in African Americans With Diabetes in an Emergency Department
  9. Simulation-based mastery learning compared to standard education for discussing diagnostic uncertainty with patients in the emergency department: A randomized controlled trial
  10. Setting a Minimum Passing Standard for the Uncertainty Communication Checklist Through Patient and Physician Engagement
  11. Impact of Emergency Department Tele-intake on Left Without Being Seen and Throughput Metrics
  12. Development of the Uncertainty Communication Checklist: A Patient-Centered Approach to Patient Discharge from the Emergency Department
  13. Eliciting patient-important outcomes through group brainstorming: when is saturation reached?
  14. Patient experience and challenges in group concept mapping for clinical research
  15. Reasons Patients Choose the Emergency Department over Primary Care: a Qualitative Metasynthesis
  16. Identifying Emergency Department Symptom-Based Diagnoses with the Unified Medical Language System
  17. Achieving Health Equity in Hypertension Management Through Addressing the Social Determinants of Health
  18. Patient Uncertainty as a Predictor of 30-day Return Emergency Department Visits: An Observational Study
  19. On-demand synchronous audio video telemedicine visits are cost effective
  20. Presurgical Assessment Using Telemedicine Technology: Impact on Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Patient Experience of Care
  21. The power of the group: Comparison of interviews and group concept mapping for identifying patient-important outcomes of care
  22. Use of Group Concept Mapping to Identify Patient Domains of Uncertainty That Contribute to Emergency Department Use
  23. Identification of Approaches to Improve Patient Trust in Health Systems: A Group Concept Mapping Study
  24. Patient-Identified Needs Related to Seeking a Diagnosis in the Emergency Department
  25. Corrigendum to “Factors associated with hospital admission after an emergency department treat and release visit for older adults with injuries” [Am J Emerg Med 35(9) (2017) 1252–1257] (S0735675717302188) (10.1016/j.ajem.2017.03.051))