Thomas Jefferson University

Melanoma Program

The Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson has been designated a Melanoma Center of Excellence by the Melanoma Hope Network (MHN), which recognizes treatment centers across the country that offer exceptional knowledge, care and compassion for patients with advanced melanoma. Every year, about 350 new cutaneous melanoma patients, from all over the tri-state area, are seen by physicians at the center.

A hallmark of the melanoma program is the highly personal level of care provided by its physicians. They take the history, examine and review the pathology slides of every new patient — those with growths that will prove to be benign, those who are terminally ill from melanoma and everyone in between. They present a thorough assessment of the patient's condition and recommend follow-up or a course of treatment, if required.

The physicians collaborate with a multidisciplinary team of Jefferson oncologists, radiation therapists, dermatologists, plastic surgeons and other specialists to whom patients are referred when appropriate. Surgical removal of early melanomas is often curative, but chemotherapy and/or radiation may be called for if the cancer is advanced. An innovative treatment offered is intralesional therapy, which involves injecting recombinant viruses and biologics into the lesions under ultrasound guidance.