Thomas Jefferson University

Professional Orientation, Development & Support (PODS) Program

Dr. Ronald E. Myers and Joanne Filicko-O'Hara, MD (Co-Directors, Educational Programs) are leading the development of the Professional Orientation, Development, and Support (PODS) Program for the Department of Medical Oncology. 

The Department of Medical Oncology is committed to recruiting and retaining excellent faculty. Facilitating personal growth and career development are fundamental to the attainment of this latter goal. The Department’s Professional Orientation, Development and Support (PODS) Program is designed to connect new faculty to the resources of the Sidney Kimmel Medical College, the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center, and Thomas Jefferson University and to mentors who can facilitate their career development.

PODS Program mentees are usually junior faculty members who enter into a collaborative working relationship with a primary mentor in order to gain knowledge and experience that can guide personal and professional growth. A primary mentor is a trusted counselor or guide, who is generally a senior faculty member who advises or guides a mentee in matters related to personal development and achievement of professional advancement. A mentoring team will include individuals with additional knowledge needed to facilitate the mentee’s progress.

The PODS Program is designed to ensure that all new faculty members have access to the tools and guidance needed to develop a career at Jefferson. Senior faculty members serve as primary mentors and as mentoring team members. Mentees participate in regularly scheduled meetings with a primary mentor and other members of their mentoring team. Mentees and mentors form a learning community that supports clinical, educational, and research activities that advance personal and professional achievement.