David Abraham, PhD

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233 South Tenth Street
Bluemle Life Sciences Building, Room 530
Philadelphia, PA 19107

(215) 503-8917
(215) 923-9248 fax


BS, City College of New York, Biology - 1973
MS, Tulane University, Parasitology - 1977
PhD, University of Pennsylvania, Parasitology - 1983


University of Pennsylvania (1983-1984)
University of Wisconsin (1984-1987)

Expertise and Research Interests

Role of eosinophils, neutrophils and macrophages in innate and adaptive immunity to nematode infections. The goal of these studies is to define at a molecular level the mechanisms used by these cells, from both humans and mice, to kill parasites and to identify the immune evasion mechanisms used by the parasites

Vaccine development against parasitic helminths. Multivalent vaccines are being developed against Onchocerca volvulus, the causative agent of river blindness, and against Stongyloides stercoralis. The basis of the vaccines will the combination of recombinant antigens with adjuvants capable of inducing specific types of immune responses.