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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Rabies virus-based COVID-19 vaccine CORAVAX™ induces high levels of neutralizing antibodies against SARS-CoV-2
  2. Rhabdoviruses as vectors for vaccines and therapeutics
  3. Lyssavirus Vaccine with a Chimeric Glycoprotein Protects across Phylogroups
  4. Identification and Characterization of a Small-Molecule Rabies Virus Entry Inhibitor
  5. Publisher Correction: Rabies-based vaccine induces potent immune responses against Nipah virus (npj Vaccines, (2019), 4, 1, (15), 10.1038/s41541-019-0109-5)
  6. Rabies-based vaccine induces potent immune responses against Nipah virus
  7. Inactivated Rabies Virus-Based Ebola Vaccine Preserved by Vaporization Is Heat-Stable and Immunogenic Against Ebola and Protects Against Rabies Challenge
  8. Persistence of Lassa Virus Associated with Severe Systemic Arteritis in Convalescing Guinea pigs (Cavia porcellus)
  9. A new recombinant rabies virus expressing a green fluorescent protein: A novel and fast approach to quantify virus neutralizing antibodies
  10. Avoiding preventable deaths: The scourge of counterfeit rabies vaccines
  11. Status of antiviral therapeutics against rabies virus and related emerging lyssaviruses
  12. Non-neutralizing antibodies elicited by recombinant Lassa–Rabies vaccine are critical for protection against Lassa fever
  13. New developments in rabies vaccination
  14. Retrograde axonal transport of rabies virus is unaffected by interferon treatment but blocked by emetine locally in axons
  15. The spread and evolution of rabies virus: Conquering new frontiers
  16. Ebola Virus Localization in the Macaque Reproductive Tract during Acute Ebola Virus Disease
  17. Ifit2 is a restriction factor in rabies virus pathogenicity
  18. Progress in Ebola Virus Vaccine Development
  19. Inactivated recombinant rabies viruses displaying canine distemper virus glycoproteins induce protective immunity against both pathogens
  20. The final (Oral Ebola) vaccine trial on captive chimpanzees?
  21. Toward an Effective Ebola Virus Vaccine
  22. One-Health: A safe, efficient, dual-use vaccine for humans and animals against middle east respiratory syndrome coronavirus and rabies virus
  23. Keeping it in check: Chronic viral infection and antiviral immunity in the brain
  24. An Inactivated Rabies Virus-Based Ebola Vaccine, FILORAB1, Adjuvanted with Glucopyranosyl Lipid A in Stable Emulsion Confers Complete Protection in Nonhuman Primate Challenge Models
  25. Rabies Virus CVS-N2cδG Strain Enhances Retrograde Synaptic Transfer and Neuronal Viability