Gary Emmett, MD, FAAP

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833 Chestnut Street
Suite 301
Philadelphia, PA 19107

(215) 955-7800

University Appointment

Director, Pediatrics
Thomas Jefferson University

Research and Clinical Interests

I am interested in promoting health in children. I serve on many committees to promote the preventive care asthma on the local, state and regional level. I have been a primary care pediatrician for almost 30 years but at the same time I have been active in the Academic (formerly Ambulatory) Pediatric Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics in the areas of infectious disease and adoption medicine. I have served on the Board of Health of the City of Philadelphia for over 7 years and on the CDC’s Vaccine Information Sheet committee. CODA (Childhood Origin of Diseases of Adults) is a local organization that I have been active in and have subsequently had a paper published on preventive care of obesity in children. I have a proposal before the NIH on predicting the onset of the metabolic syndrome in children and am funded by industry on diagnosing infantile hyperbilirubinernia in the office. I am currently doing research on using electronic medical records to promote the use of Influenza vaccine in high-risk children. I have spoken on television and in the printed press about the importance of the herd effect and therefore in keeping vaccinate rates high. Currently my practice is trying to get widespread acceptance of the HPV vaccine top prevent cervical and throat cancer.