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Neuro-Oncology & Skull Base Surgery Fellowship

Fellowship Training in Neuro-Oncology and Skull Base Surgery

SNS/CAST-Approved Fellowship in Neuro-Oncology, Endoscopic & Cranial Base Surgery & Radiosurgery

Society of Neurological Surgeons

With over 1,100 major procedures performed a year the Brain Tumor Division remains one of the busiest in the nation.  This Fellowship, approved in 2011 by the Committee on Accreditation of Subspecialty Training (CAST) of the Society of Neurological Surgeon (SNS), will be offered as either a one or two year fellowship, the latter to include a year dedicated to research, which will be encouraged.  The Fellow will have a faculty appointment as an Instructor within the Division of Neuro-Oncology.  Attending staff includes five full-time academic neuro-oncologic surgeons: David W. Andrews, MD, Professor and founder of the division established in 1995 and Division Chief; Kevin D. Judy, MD, Professor and Section Chief of Surgical Neuro-Oncology; James J. Evans, MD, Professor and Section Chief of Pituitary and Cranial Base Surgery; Christopher J. Farrell, MD, Assistant Professor. In addition the Division has two full-time neuro-oncologists, Jon Glass, MD, Associate Professor and Section Chief of Medical Neuro-Oncology, and Lyndon J. Kim, MD, Associate Professor.

The fellowship will have a formalized core structure which specifically includes a requirement for participation in tumor clinic and multidisciplinary tumor board. The fellowship is uniquely structured to fold in a radiosurgery experience (both Gamma Knife radiosurgery and Novalis stereotactic radiotherapy / intensity modulated radiotherapy) with either a surgical oncology track or endoscopic / cranial base track.  The Multi-Disciplinary Brain Tumor Conference is held weekly every Wednesday at 4:30 PM and the Multi-Disciplinary Brain Tumor Clinic is held Monday mornings 8-12 PM.

First Year
Required and elective clinical rotations will include:

Surgical Neuro-Oncology track:
Neuro-oncologic surgery (Drs. Andrews, Judy and Farrell, Jefferson Hospital for Neuroscience)  Craniotomy for tumor with techniques including image-guidance, intra-operative speech and/or motor mapping; neuro-endoscopy for intracranial primary and metastatic malignancies, transcranial approach to benign cranial base tumors (required 3 month block);


Cranial Base track:
Minimally-invasive endoscopic transnasal cranial base surgery (Drs. Evans and Farrell, Gibbon, in collaboration with Dr. Rosen, ENT)  Use of image-guidance with minimally-invasive transnasal/ transsphenoidal approaches to the anterior cranial base for a variety of tumors including pituitary macroadenomas, craniopharyngiomas, clival chordomas, Meckel’s cave schwannomas, esthesioneuroblastomas, juvenile angiofibromas, sinonasal carcinomas as well as management of CSF leaks and mucoceles (required 3 month block).

Additional Requirements:
Stereotactic radiosurgery for intracranial tumors (Gamma Knife Model 4C or Novalis LINAC) and fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy (FSR, Novalis LINAC) (Drs. Andrews, Judy, Evans and Farrell, Jefferson Hospital for Neuroscience) for intracranial and spinal axis tumors (required concurrent 3 month block).

Elective research rotation (which is folded into the one year Fellowship)

  • Research in anti-glioma T cell immunity (translational/ human tissue/ Drs. Hooper and Harshyne)
  • Research in CNS inflammatory response (Th1 mediated) and blood brain barrier; knockout mouse glioma models  (translational/ human tissue/ animal models/ Dr. Hooper)
  • Research in activation of innate immune response in glioma patients with use of oligodeoxynucleotide test agents (translational/ human tissue/ Dr. Harshyne)
  • Cranial base laboratory (cranial base prosections with microscopes/ endoscopes/ image guidance/ Dr. Evans)
  • Design of clinical research project

Second Year
Translational or clinical research (full-year commitment to one of the laboratories/projects listed above).

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