Thomas Jefferson University

Summer Research Program

You are required to identify a new/ongoing Obstetrics and Gynecology research project of your interest. You would be assigned a faculty mentor who will include you on his/her research project team and further provide the directions and leadership for each researcher. The research project progress is monitored through a brief meeting with the mentor. We will provide you desk during the time of your stay with us.

Objective of the Summer Research Program

  • To encourage the basic and clinical research in Obstetrics and Gynecology and contribute to the existing excellence to the patient care in Women’s Health.
  • To understand the applicability of the research study in the clinical practice.
  • To understand the review of literature and analyze the statistics for the research study.

Timelines for the Research Project

  1. Choose a research topic. Meet with mentor (This should be completed prior to starting the research elective).
  2. Submit the proposal to the faculty mentor and the research director (This should be completed prior to the starting the elective).
  3. Obtain approval by Institutional Review Board for the Human subjects (if applicable).
  4. Literature review
  5. Collect data
  6. Analyze data
  7. Write the research summary and submit to the faculty mentor and the research director.
  8. Present findings in form of abstract, oral/poster presentation or manuscript for publication.

If you are selected for the summer research program with our program, you are expected to understand your work and role as Student researcher for completing your research project under the supervision of the faculty mentor. We would like you to understand the following areas of research project in deciding your research topic.

  • Area of interest: Any specific area of interest or specific topic for the research project or plans for joining the ongoing research project with the faulty mentor.
  • Student’s role in research: What specifically the student will be responsible for? What does the student hope to gain out from this experience?
  • Title of your research project.
  • Background and significance: What problem the investigator/student is addressing? Why this research is important in women’s health care? How the research is going to contribute to the new knowledge?
  • Specific aims: What specifically has been investigated with this research idea? What question is the investigator trying to answer? What is/are the goals of the research study? What is the hypothesis (if any)?
  • Project description including:
    • Brief Hypothesis
    • Materials & Methods
    • Inclusion and exclusion criteria
    • Primary outcome and Independent variables
    • Data collection, management and analysis
  • Career goal: Is the student planning to pursue the Obstetrics and Gynecology residency training in near future?

Application Information

The applicant is required to submit the following documents for the summer research program in the department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. The document checklist is:

  • Completed Women’s Health Registration Form (PDF File)
  • Current C.V.
  • Letter of recommendation (Note: This is not a requirement, but we would encourage students with prior research experience to include the letter of recommendation (does not have to be a strong one) if any, so that we would be able to appreciate your research potential better)
  • Personal statement addressing the area written below (no more than 200 words)
    • brief description of your background in field of medicine
    • your professional goals
    • the description of the research interest specifically in relation to the women’s health care and
    • brief outline of your expectations from the summer research program and how would you accomplish the women’s health research in your future professional career.

The application deadline for the summer research program is  4:00pm on February 27, 2015.