Thomas Jefferson University

Additional Information

Book Fund

All residents receive a departmental annual stipend of $500.00 for the purchase of orthopaedic texts and journals.

Courses & Conferences


Each resident receives a $1,000 a year travel allowance from the Jefferson Orthopaedic Resident Education Fund. Residents attend AO Basic Principles of Fracture Management as PGY-2s or 3s. Residents also receive reimbursement for registration and travel expenses for all conferences where they are giving a podium presentation of original research.


All orthopaedic services have service iPhones for communication.

Ancillary Staff

Residents work closely with inpatient physician extenders at all clinical sites. At present, there are seven nurse practitioners at TJUH and three physician assistants at Bryn Mawr Hospital. Extenders help residents manage floor patients by monitoring labs, assisting with dressing changes, coordinating with consulting services, and working with Therapists, Case Mangers and Social Workers on discharge planning. The orthopaedic extenders are an integral part of the residency family, and permit services to run smoothly even as residents change rotations throughout the year.



Residents receive four (4) weeks of vacation per year. In addition, the residents receive one additional week for presentations at national meetings. Interns receive two (2) weeks of vacation their first year, plus 10 days off before the start of second year.


Residents receive full subscriptions to print copies of JBJS and JAAOS. They have access to all other major orthopaedic journals and to select orthopaedic textbooks online through the Jefferson Library. All Residents receive iPads to access these journals and store selected articles.

Study Resources

All residents are provided subscriptions to ResStudy, an OITE and Board Prep question bank offered through the AAOS website. The program also provides all residents with a subscription to the OrthoBullets Core Curriculum study plan. PGY4s are reimbursed for registration, travel and lodging to attend an in-person board review course.