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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Reinforced reconstruction: A technique for the treatment of periacetabular metastases
  2. Immediate Weight-Bearing and Range of Motion After Internal Fixation of Selected Malleolar Fractures: A Retrospective Controlled Study
  3. Two transiliac-transsacral screws in a single sacral level: Surgical technique and patient outcomes
  4. A Simple Procedure for a Common Problem: Screw/Blade Exchange for Symptomatic Lateral Hardware Associated with Fracture Compression following Dynamic Cephalomedullary Fixation of Pertrochanteric Hip Fractures
  5. Description and Reliability of the AOSpine Sacral Classification System
  6. Single-incision 4-compartment fasciotomy of the lower leg: Safe, effective, and advantageous
  7. The Use of Integra Dermal Regeneration Templates and Cortical Bone Fenestrations over Exposed Tibia
  8. Short Term Complications in Geriatric Ankle Fractures Using a Protocolized Approach to Surgical Treatment: Is Early Weight Bearing Safe?
  9. Cannulated Screw Fixation of Femoral Neck Fractures: An Intraoperative Pearl to Avoid a Common Mistake
  10. Treatment of Distal Fibular Malunion with Corrective Osteotomy: Yablon Revisited
  11. LagLoc—a new surgical technique for locking plate systems
  12. Developing a national trauma system: Proposed governance and essential elements
  13. Economic analysis of anatomic plating versus tubular plating for the treatment of fibula fractures
  14. Helical blade versus screw fixation in the treatment of hip fractures with cephalomedullary devices: Incidence of failure and atypical “medial cutout”
  15. Sacral Fractures and Associated Injuries
  16. Humeral shaft fractures: national trends in management
  17. Management and radiographic outcomes of femoral head fractures
  18. Traumatic amputations
  19. Medicare reimbursement and orthopedic surgery: past, present, and future
  20. Acetabular fractures in the senior population-epidemiology, mortality and treatments
  21. The Development of a Universally Accepted Sacral Fracture Classification: A Survey of AOSpine and AOTrauma Members
  22. Displaced proximal humerus fractures in older patients: Shoulder surgeons versus traumatologists
  23. Early failure of symphysis pubis plating
  24. Interobserver variability in the measurement of lower leg compartment pressures
  25. Prevention of iliosacral screw intrusion through the lateral iliac cortex