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Eiki Koyama, DDS, PhD

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Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
3400 Civic Center Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. SAG therapy restores bone growth and reduces enchondroma incidence in a model of skeletal chondrodysplasias caused by Ihh deficiency
  2. Hox11 expression characterizes developing zeugopod synovial joints and is coupled to postnatal articular cartilage morphogenesis into functional zones in mice
  3. Type V collagen regulates the structure and biomechanics of TMJ condylar cartilage: A fibrous-hyaline hybrid
  4. Intrinsic and growth-mediated cell and matrix specialization during murine meniscus tissue assembly
  5. Premature Growth Plate Closure Caused by a Hedgehog Cancer Drug Is Preventable by Co-Administration of a Retinoid Antagonist in Mice
  6. The critical role of hedgehog-responsive mesenchymal progenitors in meniscus development and injury repair
  7. Activin A promotes the development of acquired heterotopic ossification and is an effective target for disease attenuation in mice
  8. The roles of Indian hedgehog signaling in TMJ formation
  9. Periarticular Mesenchymal Progenitors Initiate and Contribute to Secondary Ossification Center Formation During Mouse Long Bone Development
  10. Retinoic receptor signaling regulates hypertrophic chondrocyte-specific gene expression
  11. Joints in the appendicular skeleton: Developmental mechanisms and evolutionary influences
  12. Roles of Ihh signaling in chondroprogenitor function in postnatal condylar cartilage
  13. Limb synovial joint development from the hips down: Implications for articular cartilage repair and regeneration
  14. Biomechanical properties of murine TMJ articular disc and condyle cartilage via AFM-nanoindentation
  15. Cell origin, volume and arrangement are drivers of articular cartilage formation, morphogenesis and response to injury in mouse limbs
  16. Unsuspected osteochondroma-like outgrowths in the cranial base of Hereditary Multiple Exostoses patients and modeling and treatment with a BMP antagonist in mice
  17. Epiprofin Regulates Enamel Formation and Tooth Morphogenesis by Controlling Epithelial-Mesenchymal Interactions During Tooth Development
  18. Osteophyte formation and matrix mineralization in a TMJ osteoarthritis mouse model are associated with ectopic hedgehog signaling
  19. HhAntag, a Hedgehog Signaling Antagonist, Suppresses Chondrogenesis and Modulates Canonical and Non-Canonical BMP Signaling
  20. Excess BMP Signaling in Heterotopic Cartilage Forming in Prg4 -null TMJ Discs
  21. Articular Cartilage: Structural and Developmental Intricacies and Questions
  22. Heparanase stimulates chondrogenesis and is up-regulated in human ectopic cartilage: A mechanism possibly involved in hereditary multiple exostoses
  23. Expression and roles of CCN2 in dental epithelial cells
  24. Healing after root-end microsurgery by using mineral trioxide aggregate and a new calcium silicate-based bioceramic material as root-end filling materials in dogs
  25. Nonthermal atmospheric pressure plasma enhances mouse limb bud survival, growth, and elongation