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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Elevated inflammatory gene expression in intervertebral disc tissues in mice with ADAM8 inactivated
  2. Retinoid agonists in the targeting of heterotopic ossification
  3. Hox11 expression characterizes developing zeugopod synovial joints and is coupled to postnatal articular cartilage morphogenesis into functional zones in mice
  4. Premature Growth Plate Closure Caused by a Hedgehog Cancer Drug Is Preventable by Co-Administration of a Retinoid Antagonist in Mice
  5. SOX9 keeps growth plates and articular cartilage healthy by inhibiting chondrocyte dedifferentiation/ osteoblastic redifferentiation
  6. Activin A promotes the development of acquired heterotopic ossification and is an effective target for disease attenuation in mice
  7. Human and mouse activin genes: Divergent expression of activin A protein variants and identification of a novel heparan sulfate-binding domain in activin B
  8. Identification and characterization of a novel heparan sulfate-binding domain in Activin A longest variants and implications for function
  9. JBMRPlus: Special Issue on Rare Bone Diseases 2019
  10. Regulating Mechanotransduction in Three Dimensions using Sub-Cellular Scale, Crosslinkable Fibers of Controlled Diameter, Stiffness, and Alignment
  11. Periarticular Mesenchymal Progenitors Initiate and Contribute to Secondary Ossification Center Formation During Mouse Long Bone Development
  12. Comment on 'Palovarotene reduces heterotopic ossification in juvenile FOP mice but exhibits pronounced skeletal toxicity'
  13. Joints in the appendicular skeleton: Developmental mechanisms and evolutionary influences
  14. The pathogenic roles of heparan sulfate deficiency in hereditary multiple exostoses
  15. Domains with highest heparan sulfate-binding affinity reside at opposite ends in BMP2/4 versus BMP5/6/7:Implications for function
  16. Hereditary multiple exostoses: are there new plausible treatment strategies?
  17. Acquired and congenital forms of heterotopic ossification: new pathogenic insights and therapeutic opportunities
  18. Heparan sulfate antagonism alters bone morphogenetic protein signaling and receptor dynamics, suggesting a mechanism in hereditary multiple exostoses
  19. Roles of Ihh signaling in chondroprogenitor function in postnatal condylar cartilage
  20. Retinoid roles and action in skeletal development and growth provide the rationale for an ongoing heterotopic ossification prevention trial
  21. Intervertebral Disc Degeneration in a Percutaneous Mouse Tail Injury Model
  22. Advances in the pathogenesis and possible treatments for multiple hereditary exostoses from the 2016 international MHE conference
  23. The development and growth of the skeleton
  24. Limb synovial joint development from the hips down: Implications for articular cartilage repair and regeneration
  25. Cell origin, volume and arrangement are drivers of articular cartilage formation, morphogenesis and response to injury in mouse limbs