Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University

Resident Evaluation

To monitor the progress of residents who have been accepted in the Jefferson program, formal written evaluations are completed by the Departmental Staff directly supervising each resident at the end of the rotations. The Director and Residency Training Program Advisory Committee discuss the evaluations with each resident on a regular basis, but no less than twice a year. Semiannual and annual summary evaluations are completed by the Residency Advisory Committee and the Program director, and discussed individually with each resident.

Reciprocally, the residents complete formal evaluations of the rotations they fulfill each year and submit them to the Chief Resident(s). An abstracted form of these evaluations is forwarded to the Director of Residency Training in a manner to preserve anonymity and ensure thorough feedback. Yearly, the Department administers the ASCP-sponsored in service examination. Computed scored results are made available to all participants and the material that constitutes the examination is review in regular conferences.