Barbara Goldsmith, PhD

Barbara Goldsmith, PhD

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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Point-of-care versus central testing of hemoglobin during large volume blood transfusion
  2. Multiple myeloma:The case of the disappearing band
  3. Non-linearity within the primary measurement range of a lipase assay as the cause of a gap in the interpatient lipase results distribution
  4. Glucose meters - Fit for clinical purpose
  5. Ten years later: The impact of the CLSI POCT01-A guideline and related POC documents
  6. Guidelines for clinical laboratory practice: Evaluation of maternal-fetal risk and reference values in pregnancy. Section V and VII | Guías para la práctica en el laboratorio clínico: Evaluación del riesgo materno-fetal y valores de referencia en el embarazo. Sección V a VII
  7. Emergency department multimarker point-of-care testing reduces time to cardiac marker results without loss of diagnostic accuracy
  8. Teaching pediatric laboratory medicine to pathology residents
  9. Ensuring Quality in a Multihospital POC Program
  10. Performance characteristics of the creatine kinase-MB mass assay on the vitros ECi analyzer
  11. Clinical chemistry of the newborn and infant
  12. Nutritional assessment in pediatric patients: How can the laboratory help?
  13. Pharmacokinetics of cyclosporine after renal transplant in children
  14. New POCT (point-of-care testing) guide establishes testing uniformity.
  15. Effects of Carbamazepine on Cyclosporine Metabolism in Pediatric Renal Transplant Recipients
  16. Cyclosporine pharmacokinetics in pediatric liver transplant recipients: Utility of the monoclonal radioimmunoassay single point blood concentration
  17. Comparison of Urine Dipstick, Microscopy, and Culture for the Detection of Bacteriuria in Children