Richard R. Schmidt, PhD

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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Differential eicosanoid synthesis by murine fetal thymic non‐lymphoid cells
  2. Expression of prostaglandin G H synthase (cyclooxygenase) during murine fetal thymic development
  3. Thymic eicosanoid profiles and cyclooxygenase localization in prenatal and postnatal CBA/J mice
  4. Postnatal Effects of Prenatal Insult
  5. Relation between arachidonic acid metabolism and development of thymocytes in fetal thymic organ cultures
  6. Developmental toxicity of N,N'-bis(dichloroacetyl)-1,8-octamethylene diamine: Effects of in utero exposure on the postnatal murine immune system
  7. Longitudinal assessment of immunologic abnormalities of mice with the autosomal recessive mutation, 'wasted'
  8. Longitudinal assessment of immunological abnormalities of mice with the autosomal recessive mutation, wasted
  9. Altered Development of Immunocompetence Following Prenatal or Combined Prenatal-Postnatal Insult: A Timely Review
  10. Altered development of immunocompetence following prenatal or combined prenatal-postnatal insult: A timely review
  11. Age-related differential suppression of mitogenic responsiveness in murine splenocytes exposed in vitro to theophylline
  12. Altered postnatal mitogenic responsiveness of adult rat splenic lymphocytes following in utero exposure to corn oil
  13. Macromolecular insoluble cold globulin (MICG): A marker for pluripotential hemopoietic stem cells
  14. Effect of a synthetic folic acid analogue, 9-methyl-pteroylglutamic acid, on fetal chondrogenesis: Ultrastructural observations
  15. 9-Methyl pteroylglutamic acid, a Synthetic Analogue of Folic Acid: Its effects on hexosamine levels in fetal rat limbs and other fetal tissues
  16. In vitro effects of the teratogen and folic acid antagonist, 9‐methyl pteroylglutamic acid, on glycosaminoglycan accumulation in fetal rat limbs
  17. Rapid isolation of intact, viable fetal cartilage models
  18. Macromolecular insoluble cold globulin (MICG): A marker for embryonic prothymocytes in the mouse
  19. In vitro effects of 9-methyl pteroylglutamic acid on glycosaminoglycan accumulation by fetal rat limbs
  20. Oxygen consumption by chick embryos exposed to mechanical (shaking) stress