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Garima Singh, PhD

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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Post-translational histone modifications and their interaction with sex influence normal brain development and elaboration of neuropsychiatric disorders
  2. Different Behavioral Experiences Produce Distinctive Parallel Changes in, and Correlate With, Frontal Cortex and Hippocampal Global Post-translational Histone Levels
  3. Effects of developmental lead exposure on the hippocampal methylome: Influences of sex and timing and level of exposure
  4. Developmental lead exposure and prenatal stress result in sex-specific reprograming of adult stress physiology and epigenetic profiles in brain
  5. Sex-dependent effects of developmental lead exposure on the brain
  6. Independence between pre-mRNA splicing and DNA methylation in an isogenic minigene resource
  7. Developmental lead and/or prenatal stress exposures followed by different types of behavioral experience result in the divergence of brain epigenetic profiles in a sex, brain region, and time-dependent manner: Implications for neurotoxicology
  8. Sex- and brain region- specific effects of prenatal stress and lead exposure on permissive and repressive post-translational histone modifications from embryonic development through adulthood
  9. TET-catalyzed oxidation of intragenic 5-methylcytosine regulates CTCF-dependent alternative splicing
  10. Influence of a CTCF-Dependent Insulator on Multiple Aspects of Enhancer-Mediated Chromatin Organization
  11. An ectopic CTCF-dependent transcriptional insulator influences the choice of Vβ gene segments for VDJ recombination at TCRβ locus