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Madalina Tuluc, MD, PhD

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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Elevated APOBEC mutational signatures implicate chronic injury in etiology of an aggressive head-and-neck squamous cell carcinoma: a case report
  2. How Increased Nodal Metastasis and Recurrence in Cribriform Adenocarcinoma Relate to Polymorphous Adenocarcinoma and Survival: A Systematic Review
  3. Patient with uncontrolled diabetes with a nonpainful, exophytic, purulent mandibular mass
  4. Impact of Lymph Node Yield in Patients Undergoing Total Laryngectomy and Neck Dissection
  5. Discordant Responses Between Primary Head and Neck Tumors and Nodal Metastases Treated With Neoadjuvant Nivolumab: Correlation of Radiographic and Pathologic Treatment Effect
  6. Pathologist Opinions about EPIC Beaker AP: a Multi-Institutional Survey of Early Adopters
  7. Multi-organ sarcoidosis like reaction mimics metastatic disease in a microsatellite instability-high melanoma patient treated with checkpoint inhibitors
  8. A Pilot Study of Radiation Therapy in Combination with Pembrolizumab in Patients with Metastatic Renal Cell Cancer
  9. Microscopic tumor invasion of contralateral mucosa in cancer involving unilateral septum
  10. Early squamous cell carcinoma of the oral tongue with histologically benign lymph nodes: A model predicting local control and vetting of the eighth edition of the American Joint Committee on Cancer pathologic T stage
  11. Loss of CD169+ Subcapsular Macrophages during Metastatic Spread of Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma
  12. Measuring Depth of Invasion in Early Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Oral Tongue: Positive Deep Margin, Extratumoral Perineural Invasion, and Other Challenges
  13. INI1/SMARCB1-Deficient Carcinoma (Rhabdoid Tumor) of the Lacrimal Gland
  14. Phosphaturic mesenchymal tumor of the nasal cavity: Clinicopathologic correlation is essential for diagnosis
  15. Pigmented Melanotic Schwannoma of the Neck: Report of 2 Cases and Review of the Literature
  16. Cigarette smoke induces metabolic reprogramming of the tumor stroma in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma
  17. Metformin clinical trial in HPV+ and HPV-head and neck squamous cell carcinoma: Impact on cancer cell apoptosis and immune infiltrate
  18. Monocarboxylate transporter 4 (MCT4) knockout mice have attenuated 4NQO induced carcinogenesis; A role for MCT4 in driving oral squamous cell cancer
  19. Primary Cutaneous Angiosarcoma of the Eyelid: A Diagnostic and Therapeutic Challenge
  20. TERT, HRAS, and EIF1AX mutations in a patient with follicular adenoma
  21. Molecular Profiling of Synchronous Colon Cancers and Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer in a Patient with Lynch Syndrome
  22. Metformin Effects on Metabolic Coupling and Tumor Growth in Oral Cavity Squamous Cell Carcinoma Coinjection Xenografts
  23. EIF1AX Mutation in a Patient with Hürthle Cell Carcinoma
  24. Improving margin revision: Characterization of tumor bed margins in early oral tongue cancer
  25. Tumor Metabolism in the Microenvironment of Nodal Metastasis in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma