Rajanikanth Vadigepalli, PhD

Rajanikanth Vadigepalli, PhD

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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. A Comprehensive Integrated Anatomical and Molecular Atlas of Rat Intrinsic Cardiac Nervous System
  2. Investigating the Effects of Brainstem Neuronal Adaptation on Cardiovascular Homeostasis
  3. Diurnal Patterns of Gene Expression in the Dorsal Vagal Complex and the Central Nucleus of the Amygdala – Non-rhythm-generating Brain Regions
  4. Combining laser capture microdissection and microfluidic qpcr to analyze transcriptional profiles of single cells: A systems biology approach to opioid dependence
  5. A Novel Mouse Model of Acute-on-Chronic Cholestatic Alcoholic Liver Disease: A Systems Biology Comparison With Human Alcoholic Hepatitis
  6. Inflammation-associated suppression of metabolic gene networks in acute and chronic liver disease
  7. Model-based virtual patient analysis of human liver regeneration predicts critical perioperative factors controlling the dynamic mode of response to resection
  8. Single-cell gene expression analysis identifies chronic alcohol-mediated shift in hepatocyte molecular states after partial hepatectomy
  9. Single-cell glia and neuron gene expression in the central amygdala in opioid withdrawal suggests inflammation with correlated gut dysbiosis
  10. Causality analysis and cell network modeling of spatial calcium signaling patterns in liver lobules
  11. Cellular network modeling and single cell gene expression analysis reveals novel hepatic stellate cell phenotypes controlling liver regeneration dynamics
  12. Characterizing different class of patients based on their liver regeneration capacity post hepatectomy and the prediction of safe future liver volume for improved recovery
  13. Modeling the dynamics of human liver failure post liver resection
  14. Introduction to the Virtual Issue Alcohol and Epigenetic Regulation: Do the Products of Alcohol Metabolism Drive Epigenetic Control of Gene Expression in Alcohol-Related Disorders?
  15. Credibility, replicability, and reproducibility in simulation for biomedicine and clinical applications in neuroscience
  16. SPSNet: Subpopulation-sensitive network-based analysis of heterogeneous gene expression data
  17. Novel influences of IL-10 on CNS inflammation revealed by integrated analyses of cytokine networks and microglial morphology
  18. A data-driven modeling approach to identify disease-specific multi-organ networks driving physiological dysregulation
  19. Pattern analysis uncovers a chronic ethanol-induced disruption of the switchlike dynamics of C/EBP-β and C/EBP-α genome-wide binding during liver regeneration
  20. Single-cell transcriptional analysis reveals novel neuronal phenotypes and interaction networks involved in the central circadian clock