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Janice L. Walker, PhD

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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. The local wound environment is a key determinant of the outcome of TGFβ signaling on the fibrotic response of CD44+ leader cells in an ex vivo post-cataract-surgery model
  2. Specification of the patterning of a ductal tree during branching morphogenesis of the submandibular gland
  3. Immune cells in lens injury repair and fibrosis
  4. Resident immune cells of the avascular lens: Mediators of the injury and fibrotic response of the lens
  5. Dynamics of the lens basement membrane capsule and its interaction with connective tissue-like extracapsular matrix proteins
  6. Fibrosis: Shared Lessons From the Lens and Cornea
  7. In wound repair vimentin mediates the transition of mesenchymal leader cells to a myofibroblast phenotype
  8. Cells activated for wound repair have the potential to direct collective invasion of an epithelium
  9. Establishment of a clinically relevant ex vivo mock cataract surgery model for investigating epithelial wound repair in a native microenvironment
  10. A central role for vimentin in regulating repair function during healing of the lens epithelium
  11. Regional-specific alterations in cell-cell junctions, cytoskeletal networks and myosin-mediated mechanical cues coordinate collectivity of movement of epithelial cells in response to injury
  12. The hippo signaling pathway is required for salivary gland development and its dysregulation is associated with sjogren's syndrome
  13. Unique precursors for the mesenchymal cells involved in injury response and fibrosis
  14. Hypoglycosylated E-cadherin promotes the assembly of tight junctions through the recruitment of PP2A to adherens junctions
  15. Overexpression of DPAGT1 leads to aberrant N-glycosylation of E-cadherin and cellular discohesion in oral cancer
  16. Integrins in lens development and disease
  17. Diverse roles of E-cadherin in the morphogenesis of the submandibular gland: Insights into the formation of acinar and ductal structures
  18. γ-Secretase activation of notch signaling regulates the balance of proximal and distal fates in progenitor cells of the developing lung
  19. A Skp2 autoinduction loop and restriction point control
  20. Activation of Src kinases signals induction of posterior capsule opacification
  21. ERK activity and G1 phase progression: Identifying dispensable versus essential activities and primary versus secondary targets
  22. Post-transcriptional destabilization of p21cip1 by protein kinase C in fibroblasts
  23. Integrin-dependent signal transduction regulating cyclin D1 expression and G1 phase cell cycle progression
  24. Regulation of growth factor signaling and cell cycle progression by cell adhesion and adhesion-dependent changes in cellular tension
  25. Transition between proliferation and differentiation for lens epithelial cells is regulated by Src family kinases