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Parkinson's Disease Research Unit

The Parkinson's Disease Research Unit at Thomas Jefferson University is dedicated to performing basic, clinical, and translational research on the cause(s) and treatment of Parkinson's disease. The Parkinson's Disease Research Unit conducts innovative research aimed at identifying the biochemical, physiological and molecular/genetic factors contributing to the cause and progression of Parkinson's disease and is working to develop effective new treatments for this devastating disorder.

The Parkinson's Disease Research Unit is directed by Jay S. Schneider, PhD, an internationally recognized Parkinson’s disease researcher and is staffed by an outstanding group of individuals experienced in basic and clinical research, with particular expertise in working with Parkinson's disease patients and their caregivers to guide them through participation in clinical research trials.

The basic science arm of the Parkinson's Disease Research Unit performs cutting edge research in areas of neuroprotection and neurorestoration, cognitive dysfunction in Parkinson’s disease, gene therapy for Parkinson’s disease, and the pathophysiology and treatment of dyskinesias.  Our Parkinson’s disease basic research effort is dedicated to understanding why Parkinson's disease occurs, how to stop or slow the progression of the disease, and how to better treat the symptoms of the disease.

The clinical arm of the Parkinson’s Disease Research Unit conducts clinical drug trials of potential new Parkinson’s disease medications as well as non-drug related clinical research aimed at better understanding the pathological processes underlying motor and non-motor symptoms of the disease.  These clinical research efforts are directed at patients at all stages of Parkinson’s disease.


To learn more about our basic research effort or to contribute to the Parkinson's Disease Research Unit to help us achieve our research goals please contact Dr. Schneider at

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Jay S. Schneider, PhD
Director, Parkinson's Disease Research Unit
1015 Chestnut Street, Suite 520
Philadelphia, PA 19107
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