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Electron Microscopy

The EM Facility in the Department of Pathology, Anatomy & Cell Biology provides sophisticated services in microscopic analysis of cellular and subcellular structures, with a focus on transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and immuno EM. Services offered include biological specimen processing, sectioning, specific staining, and image acquisition. The facility also assists users in microscopy-related experimental design, protocol modification, and the preparation of publication images.


Our main scope is an FEI Tecnai 12 TEM, equipped with an XR111 11 megapixel CCD from Advanced Microscopy Techniques. Sample preparation is performed on a Leica Ultracut UCT ultramicrotome. Sample cutting and imaging is performed by Tim Schneider, with more than 15 years of experience in electron microscopy at various institutions.

Please drop all samples off at
1020 Locust Street, JAH Room 552

Electron Microscopy Facility Pricing
Negative Staining $ 150
Fix and Embed $ 150
Limited (Section and Scope) $ 225
(Fix, Embed, Section and Scope)
$ 450
Standard and Serial Sectioning $ 900
Cryo Fix and Section $ 900
Standard and Tilt Angle $ 1350

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For further information contact:
Gyorgy Hajnoczky, MD, PhD
(215) 503-1427

Timothy Schneider
Facility Operator
(215) 503-7834

Electron Microscopy Facility Requisition Form (PDF)

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