Past K30 Conferences

6/23/20 Departmental Research Seminars Jeff Rappaport Mutant Wnt Signaling Silences the Intestinal Guanylin/GCC Tumor Suppressor Axis
6/16/20 Journal Club Amanda McBride Treatment of Early Stage, Low Risk OLBCL: Review of the Flyer Trial
6/9/20 Seminars in Human Investigation Brian Swanson Molecular Responses to Dupilumab Therapy in Atopic Dermatitis
5/26/20 Ethics Conference Richard Zheng and Gregoris Komodikis Genetics Research and the Right to Data Privacy in 2020
5/19/20 Departmental Research Seminars Gregoris Komodikis Risk assessment for venous thromboembolism in patients undergoing pancreatectomy for pancreatic adenocarcinoma
5/12/20 Seminars in Human Investigation Patrick Glassman Tuning Pharmacokinetics and Drug Delivery: Applications of Engineered Affinity Ligands
4/28/20 Journal Club Rasaq Olaosebikan Pediatrics Dosing Strategies in Clinical Trials
4/21/20 Ethics Conference Saul Kushinsky and Amanda McBride Impact of COVID-19 on clinical research and practice: applying the precautionary principle during a global pandemic
3/10/20 Seminars in Human Investigation Larry Harshyne, PhD Immune monitoring of cancer trials; lessons learned
2/25/20 Ethics Conference Gina Keiffer Stopping rules in clinical trials: When is enough enough?
2/18/20 Departmental Research Seminars Sangwon Kim Mechanisms of T cell homing to the large intestine
2/11/20 Seminars in Human Investigation Sony Tuteja, PharmD. Univ. of Pennsylvania Implementing Pharmacogenomics in Clinical Care
1/14/20 Departmental Research Seminars Goni Katz-Greenberg Possible modifications of immunosuppressive regimens in kidney transplantation
1/7/20 Seminars in Human Investigation Ramen Venkataramanan Optimizing buprenorphine treatment in pregnancy
6/25/2019 Departmental Research Seminar Edwin Lam Vancomycin in Peritoneal Dialysis
6/18/2019 Journal Club Lindsay Wilde CALGB10403: The New Standard of Care for Adolescent/Young Adult ALL
6/11/2019 Seminars in Human Investigation George Duda Drive bone regeneration in compromised patients – Exploit the immune-structure interface
5/21/2019 Ethics Conference Jefferson Brownell "The endothelial glycocalyx and implications for therapy in lymphatic flow disorders"
5/7/2019 Seminars in Human Investigation Wilbur Bowne Collaborative Translational Research "A Surgeon's Perspective"
4/16/2019 Ethics Conference Rajiv Kabadi Ethics dumping: A case-based discussion
4/9/2019 Seminars in Human Investigation Julie Blendy, PhD Professor of Pharmacology, Univ of Pennsylvania Animal Models of Neonatal Abstinence
3/26/2019 Departmental Research Seminar Ruspa Boelig Predictors of Early Preterm Birth in Pregnant Women with Short Cervix Treated with Vaginal Progesterone
2/26/2019 Ethics Conference Teena Dhir
Claudia Zapata
Animal Research Ethics
2/19/2019 Departmental Research Seminar Jefferson Brownell Emerging Therapies in the Treatment of Protein-Losing Enterotherapy in Children
2/12/2019 Seminars in Human Investigation Ganesh S. Moorthy, PhD
Director of Bioanalytical Core Laboratory
Center for Clinical Pharmacology
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Blood Microsampling for Clinical Pharmacology Studies
1/22/2019 Ethics Conference Noor Shaik Considerations for Research at the End-of-Life
1/15/2019 Departmental Research Seminar Teena Dhir The efficacy of the CDK 4/6 Inhibitor (Abemaciclib) in Pancreatic Cancer Cells
1/8/2019 Seminars in Human Investigation Marlene Jacobson
Temple Univeristy
Academic Drug Discovery for the Treatment of Rare Diseases
12/18/2018 Journal Club Gina Keiffer BCL2 Inhibition in Acute Myeloid Leukemia
12/11/2018 Ethics Conference Jeffrey Rappaport (MD/PhD)
Vedavyas Gannamani
Rules for Donations to Tissue Banks - What Next?
12/4/2018 Seminars in Human Investigation Jesse Roman, MD Thomas Jefferson University Lung Transitional Remodeling
11/27/2018 Departmental Research Seminar Gerardo Vasquez A Recurrent Hemizygous Deletion at the MHC Region Impacting MICA gene Associates with Idiopathic Pulmonary Hemosiderosis
11/20/2018 Journal Club Edwin Lam Andexanet Alfa for Acute Major Bleeding Associated with Factor Xa Inhibitors
11/13/2018 Seminars in Human Investigation Aubrey Stoch, MD
Pharmacodynamics – where the rubber hits the road!
10/23/2018 Ethics Conference Carolyn Chen (MD/PhD)
Lindsay Wilde
Financial Conflicts of Interest: To Disclose or Not To Disclose?
10/16/2018 Departmental Research Seminar Claudia Zapata Targeting Apoptosis Resistance in Neuroblastoma
10/9/2018 Seminars in Human Investigation Dennis M. Gross, PhD, CEO & Treasurer
Pennsylvania Drug Discovery Institute at
The Pennsylvania Biotechnology Institute of Bucks County
Pharmaceutical industry workforce development and re-entry programs
9/25/2018 Journal Club Rajiv Kabadi Prevention of Bleeding in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation Undergoing PCI
9/18/2018 Ethics Conference Vibol Heng (MD/PhD)
Asif Bilal
Social Media Channels in Health Care Research and Rising Ethical Issues
9/11/2018 Seminars in Human Investigation Katherine Aird, PhD
Assistant Professor, Penn State College of Medicine
Loss of p16 Expression Reveals a Metabolic Vulnerability in Cancer Cells
6/19/2018 Journal Club Claudia Zapata Bcl2-family Inhibitors in Neuroblastoma
6/12/2018 Seminars in Human Investigation Jean-Pierre Morello
Teva Pharmaceutical
Medical Affairs In The Pharmaceutical Industry
5/22/2018 Ethics Conference Asif Bilal and Jefferson Naylor Brownell Ethical And Legal Considerations Of Clinical Research In Controlled Substances
5/15/2018 Departmental Research Seminar Adetokunbo Oluwasanjo Ibrutinib In Chronic Graft Versus Host Disease
5/8/2018 Seminars in Human Investigation Don Heald
Janssen Biotherapeutics
PET And MRI Imaging In Intranasal Drug Development
4/24/2018 Journal Club Gina Keiffer Durvalumab after Chemoradiotherapy in Stage III Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer
4/17/2018 Ethics Conference Edwin Lam and Stephen Huelskamp Do It Yourself Science: An Exploration On The Ethics Behind Self-Experimentation
4/10/2018 Seminars in Human Investigation Paul Blake
BioDelivery Sciences
Can Drug Development Learn Lessons From Airbnb And Uber?
3/27/2018 Departmental Research Seminar Amanda Pattison Reactivating The GUCY2C Signaling Axis For Colorectal Cancer Chemoprevention
3/20/2018 Journal Club Sumit Kumar Pembrolizumab versus Chemotherapy for PD-L1-Positive Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer
2/27/2018 Ethics Conference Roberto Fratamico and Benjamin Yang Ethical Considerations With CRISPR In Germline Editing
2/20/2018 Departmental Research Seminar Lindsay Wilde DOACs For The Treatment Of Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia
2/13/2018 Seminars in Human Investigation Mel Reichman
Lankenau Institute for Medical Research
High Throughput Screening Approaches To Detect Serendipitous Drug Synergy
1/23/2018 Ethics Conference Praveen Mehrotra and Sean O'Sullivan Clinical Trial Data Sharing: Why It Works And Why It's Rare
1/16/2018 Seminars in Human Investigation Matthew K. Breitenstein Translational Informatics: Empowering Clinical Pharmacology Discovery From Populations
1/9/2018 Departmental Research Seminar Gregoris Komodikis Objective Pre-Operative Assessment As A Predictor Of Post-Spinal Surgery Outcomes
12/19/2017 Journal Club Gerardo Vasquez Garcia Tezacaftor–Ivacaftor in Patients with Cystic Fibrosis Homozygous for Phe508del
12/12/2017 Seminars in Human Investigation Jordan Winter
Thomas Jefferson University
Investigator Initiated Trials For Pancreatic Cancer
12/5/2017 Ethics Conference Deborah Gorth and Rogan Magee Post Marketing Study Commitments And Requirements
11/28/2017 Departmental Research Seminar Babar Bashir Drug Interaction Study Of Apixaban With Cyclosporine And Tacrolimus
11/21/2017 Journal Club Vedavyas Gannamani Programmed Death-1 Blockade With Pembrolizumab in Patients With Classical Hodgkin Lymphoma After Brentuximab Vedotin Failure
11/14/2017 Seminars in Human Investigation Brian Swanson Dupilumab – An Emerging Biologic In The Treatment Of Severe Atopic Diseases
10/24/2017 Ethics Conference Adetokunbo Oluwasanjo and Ruspa Boelig The Changing Face Of Informed Consent
10/17/2017 Departmental Research Seminar Santhi Mantravadi Tumor Necrosis Factor Inhibitors And Their Impact In Type II Diabetes Mellitus In Psoriatic Arthritis Patients
10/10/2017 Seminars in Human Investigation Andrew E Denker Drug Development In Rare Diseases
9/26/2017 Journal Club Roberto Fratamico Daratumumab in the Treatment of Multiple Myeloma
9/19/2017 Ethics Conference Rajiv Kabadi and Brittany Charsar Premature Termination Of Randomized Controlled Trials
9/12/2017 Seminars in Human Investigation Barbara Ameer
Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Lessons Learned From The Grapefruit Effect
6/27/2017 Departmental Research Seminar Babar Bashir Drug-Drug Interaction Study Of Apixaban With Cyclosporine And Tacrolimus In Healthy Volunteers
6/20/2017 Ethics Conference Roberto Fratamico and Gregoris Komodikis Physicians, Firearms, And Free Speech
6/13/2017 Seminars in Human Investigation Stefan Zajic
Coriell Institute for Medical Research
The Coriell Personalized Medicine Collaboration: Gene By Environment Interactions
5/23/2017 Departmental Research Seminar Kevin O'Hayer IDO Inhibition In Cancer:Epacadostat
5/16/2017 Journal Club Benjamin Duy Tran Assessment of Alcohol-Induced Dose Dumping with a Hydrocodone Bitartrate Extended-Release Tablet Formulated with CIMA Abuse Deterrence Technology
5/9/2017 Seminars in Human Investigation Stephen P. Speilberg
Dartmouth Medical School
Whence Therapeutic Innovation: 2017 And Beyond
4/25/2017 Ethics Conference Santhi Mantravadi Genomic Data And Electronic Health Records
4/18/2017 Departmental Research Seminar Praveen Ramakrishnan Impact Of Adult Offspring Donors On Relapse After Haploidentical Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation For Acute Myeloid Leukemia And Myclodysplastic Syndrome
4/11/2017 Seminars in Human Investigation Amalia M. Issa
University of the Sciences in Philadelphia
Molecular Diagnostics And Precision Medicine: How Does New Molecular Technology Impact Clinical Pharmacology?
3/28/2017 Journal Club Adetokuno Oluwasanjo Ribociclib as First-Line Therapy for HR-Positive, Advanced Breast Cancer
3/21/2017 Ethics Conference Sumit Kumar Cripsr: Gene Editing
2/14/2017 Seminars in Human Investigation Gagan Kaushal
Thomas Jefferson University
1/24/2017 Ethics Conference Alec Vishnevsky and Michael Vido Providing And Improving Care For Patients With Mental Illness
1/10/2017 Seminars in Human Investigation Kelly Wade
University of Pennsylvania
Neonatal Research Network Clinical Trials
12/20/2016 Journal Club Grant Turner Long-Term Survival Rate in Patients with Acute Respiratory Failure Treated with Noninvasive Ventilation in Ordinary Wards
12/13/2016 Ethics Conference Jonathan Gorky Ethical Consideration Of Changes To The FDA In The 21st Century Cures Act
12/6/2016 Seminars in Human Investigation Henry R. Kranzler
University of Pennsylvania
Pharmacogenetics Of Alcohol Use Disorder
11/22/2016 Departmental Research Seminar Benjamin Duy Tran Population Pharmacokinetics Analysis Of Cefazolin During Complex Pediatric Spinal Surgery
11/15/2016 Journal Club Santhi Mantravadi Secukinumab Inhibition of Interleukin-17A in Patients with Psoriatic Arthritis
11/8/2016 Seminars in Human Investigation Thomas H. Shaffer
Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children
Synthetic Liquid Studies
10/25/2016 Ethics Conference Praveen Ramakrishnan and Tanziyah Muqeem "To Share Or Not": Data Sharing In Clinical Trials In Light Of The Final Rule
10/11/2016 Seminars in Human Investigation Martin Ogletree
Vanderbilt University School Of Medicine
Drug Discovery - The Fuzzy Front End
9/27/2016 Journal Club Babar Bashir A Surprising Match Microsatellite Instability & Tumor Immunotherapy
9/20/2016 Ethics Conference Andrea Flynn and Elaine Yang Participation Of Pediatric Patients In Oncology Research
6/28/2016 Journal Club Praveen Mehrotra Diagnostic Ultrasound Impulses
6/21/2016 Ethics Conference Sofia Caldeira-Dantas and Sumit Kumar Ethical Issues: Genetic Testing In Research
5/24/2016 Departmental Research Seminar Ankit Gupta ICU Resource Utilization In Patients Admitted With Sepsis
5/10/2016 Seminars in Human Investigation Hakon Hakonarson
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
The Future Of Genomics Medicine
4/19/2016 Ethics Conference Shannon Haley Ethical Considerations Of Vaccines: Research, Access, Mandates And Informed Consent
4/12/2016 Seminars in Human Investigation Leslie McClure
Drexel University
Sample Size Re-Estimation: Is Bigger Always Better?
3/22/2016 Journal Club Kevin O'Hayer Genome-Wide CRISPR Screen in a Mouse Model of Tumor Growth and Metastasis
3/15/2016 Departmental Research Seminar Jason Moore Pharmacokinetics Of Vancomycin In Patients Receiving Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation
2/23/2016 Ethics Conference Hyowon Choi and Haroon Shahid Sharing Clinical Trial Data
2/9/2016 Seminars in Human Investigation Peter Adamson
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Development Of Targeted New Agents For Children With Cancer
1/19/2016 Ethics Conference Dante Merlino and Jeff Marbach Cancer Screening Campaigns - Getting Past Uninformative Persuasion
1/12/2016 Seminars in Human Investigation Dmitry I. Gabrilovich
The Wistar Institute
Regulation Of Myeloid Cell Differentiation In Tumors And Its Implication For Therapeutic Targeting
12/22/2015 Journal Club Praveen Mehrotra Isosorbide Mononitrate in Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction
12/15/2015 Departmental Research Seminar Jason Healy Anti-Tumor Activity And Sensitivity Evaluation Of Novel BET Inhibitors In Neuroblastoma
12/8/2015 Seminars in Human Investigation Vijay Ivaturi
University of Maryland
Pharmacometrics Based Dose Selection Of Morphine In The Treatment Of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome
11/24/2015 Ethics Conference Daniel Machado and Duy Tran Common Rule Changes To Reflect The New Landscape Of Research Involving Human Subjects
11/17/2015 Seminars in Human Investigation Malidi Ahamadi
Impact Of Modeling And Simulation In Support Of Decision Making In Drug Development
11/10/2015 Journal Club Sumit Kumar Surgery Versus Nonsurgical Treatment of Lumbar Spinal Stenosis
10/27/2015 Departmental Research Seminar Bo Xiang Synergistic DNA-Adenovirus Prime-Boost Immunization Eliminates Metastatic Colorectal Cancer By Inducing High Avidity Effector CD8+T Cells
10/20/2015 Ethics Conference Maria Gubbiotti and Babar Bashir Clinical Equipoise: An Ethical Critique Of The Gonzales Protocol
10/13/2015 Seminars in Human Investigation Harris Rotman
Shire Pharmaceuticals
Proamatine (Midodrine) -The Difficulties In Demonstrating Clinical Benefit Under Accelerated Approval Regulations
9/22/2015 Journal Club Jeremy Kaplan A Randomized Controlled Trial to Compare the Efficacy and Safety Profile of Dexmedetomidine-Ketamine Combination with Propofol-Fentanyl Combination for ERCP
9/15/2015 Seminars in Human Investigation Vikram Arya Is Increase In Serum Creatinine Always Due To Renal Injury?
6/23/2015 Ethics Conference Jason You Students And Employees As Research Subjects
6/9/2015 Seminars in Human Investigation Dennis Murphy Introduction To Safety Pharmacology
6/2/2015 Journal Club Alec Vishnevsky Pharmacogenetics of Clopidogrel in Acute Coronary Syndromes
5/26/2015 Ethics Conference Fernando Blanco The Impact Of Pre-Clinical Irreproducibility On Drug Development
5/5/2015 Departmental Research Seminar Crystal Kraft Intestinal Stem Cell Integrity
4/28/2015 Ethics Conference Jason Moore Enduring Challenges Of Informed Consent
4/24/2015 Journal Club Elizabeth Marek Ethanol Pharmacokinetics in Neonates: A Pilot Clinical Study
4/15/2015 Seminars in Human Investigation Raymond Hohl
Penn State University
Isoprenoids And Cancer
3/17/2015 Journal Club Jason Moore Oral Teriflunomide for Patients
2/24/2015 Ethics Conference Caitlin Logan and Elizabeth Marek Ethical Considerations In Pediatric Trials
2/10/2015 Seminars in Human Investigation Ganesh S. Moorthy
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Bioanalytical Method Development, Validation And Sample Analysis: Concepts, Expectations, Challenges And Opportunities
2/3/2015 Departmental Research Seminar Jascha Rubin Adjuvant Therapy For Ampullary Carcinoma
1/20/2015 Journal Club Fernando Blanco Randomized Phase 2 Trial of Gemcitabine Plus TH-302
1/13/2015 Seminars in Human Investigation Michael J. Fossle
Adherence In Clinical Trials: An Inconvenient Truth
12/23/2014 Ethics Conference Anindita Chowdhury Obtaining Surrogate Consent In The ICU: Clinical Care And Research Potential Conflict
12/16/2014 Journal Club Jeremy Kaplan Fear of GI Symptoms has an Important Impact on Quality of Life in Patients with Moderate to Severe IBS
12/9/2014 Seminars in Human Investigation Judy Pachella
Journal Publishing In The Internet Age
11/25/2014 Ethics Conference Praveen Ramakrishnan Advancing The Use Of Experimental Therapies: Ethical Conundrums In Light Of Ebola
11/18/2014 Journal Club Ankit Gupta Commercialization of Federally Funded Research
11/11/2014 Seminars in Human Investigation Glen S. Frick
Shire Pharmaceuticals
Comparative Effectiveness
11/4/2014 Departmental Research Seminar Adam Snook GUCY2C-Targeted Vaccination For Colorectal Cancer
10/28/2014 Ethics Conference Lauren Rosenblum and Fernando Blanco Limits Of De-Identifying Protected Health Information
9/23/2014 Ethics Conference Walter Kraft Use Of Sham Surgical Cords
9/16/2014 Journal Club Jason Healy Angiotensin-Neprilysin Inhibition versus Enalapril in Heart Failure
9/9/2014 Seminars in Human Investigation Timi Edeki
Astra-Zeneca Pharmaceuticals
Clinical Aspects Of Pharmacogenomics In Early Drug Development
6/10/2014 Seminars in Human Investigation Paul Bray
Thomas Jefferson University
Platelet PAR4 Functional Genomics: Lessons For Personalized Medicine
6/3/2014 Departmental Research Seminar Yaa Oppong Correlation Of Reperfusion Biopsy With Renal Transplant Graft And Patient Outcomes
5/20/2014 Journal Club Jason Healy Safety of Benzodiazepines and Opioids in Very Severe Respiratory Disease: National Prospective Study
5/13/2014 Departmental Research Seminar Dennis M. Gross Drug Development Update/Biosimilars
5/6/2014 Seminars in Human Investigation James E. Barrett
Drexel University
Unfolding The Enigma Of Sigma Pharmacology
4/22/2014 Ethics Conference Ricardo Restrepo Lay Public Perceptions Of Research And Opinions Around When Consent Is Needed
4/15/2014 Journal Club Benjamin Leiby Association of Dietary, Circulating, and Supplement Fatty Acids with Coronary Risk
4/8/2014 Seminars in Human Investigation Wendy Comisar
Use Of Translational PK/PD To Set Standard Of Care Benchmarks To Guide Discovery And Early Development
3/25/2014 Ethics Conference Toshimasa Okabe Is It A Patient’s Ethical Obligation To Donate Samples To Advance Medical Science?
3/18/2014 Journal Club Jeff Marbach Randomized Trial of Preventive Angioplasty in Myocardial Infarction
3/11/2014 Seminars in Human Investigation Deven V. Parmar
Prolong Pharmaceuticals
Globalization Of Clinical Trials: Stipulation & Perceptibility
3/4/2014 Departmental Research Seminar Walter K. Kraft Sources Of Information For Evidence Based Medicine
2/25/2014 Ethics Conference Neil Palmisiano Information Overload: Disclosure Of Genetic Mutations In The Era Of Next Generation Sequencing
2/18/2014 Journal Club Ashwin Reddy Sama Adjuvant Treatments for Resected Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma:  A Systematic Review and Network Meta-Analysis
2/11/2014 Seminars in Human Investigation Wayne Bond Lau
Thomas Jefferson University
Ctrps, A Novel Therapeutic Target Against Myocardial Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury
1/14/2014 Departmental Research Seminar Luis Eraso Role Of Feutin-A Calcific Atherosclerotic
1/7/2014 Seminars in Human Investigation Daniel Heitjan
University of Pennsylvania
Real-Time Prediction In Clinical Trials: A Statistical History Of REMATCH