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Preparation of
Grant Applications

What We Do

The Division of Biostatistics is committed to assisting Jefferson researchers in obtaining extramural funding for their research. The study design and the data analysis plan (including sample size determination) are two of the areas that we particularly focus on. We can also contribute to the actual writing of the grant application (specifically the methods and statistical sections).

We also actively participate in ongoing research projects. We support various aspects of study implementation (including review of data collection instruments, setup of electronic databases, randomization, tracking and quality control, as well as data management and analyses).


For applications that propose to include funding for appropriate faculty and/or staff from Biostatistics (either salary support, or for Biostatistics Service Center consultations), there is no charge for help in the preparation/submission phase. For specifics regarding including biostatistics in a grant application, please see the Biostatistics Policy & Guidelines.

For applications that do not propose funding for Biostatistics, charges may apply and are the same to those for consulting, i.e.,

  • for Jefferson projects (including Wills Eye, Rothman, Methodist and any other affiliates): $140 per hour for faculty and $76 per hour for consulting unit staff, and
  • for non-Jefferson projects: $168 per hour for faculty and $92 per hour for consulting unit staff.

(Rates are as of 1/1/2018)

Whom to Contact

For an appointment, any of the following faculty may be contacted:

Do Not Wait Until the Last Minute

The Division of Biostatistics supports grant applications on a first-come first-served basis. We get very busy near NIH grant deadlines, so you should approach us at least 4 weeks before your grant submission deadline. If you come late, we cannot promise the time commitment your application may need.

Contact Info

For grant development, scientific collaboration, or consults, please contact any of the faculty (e-mail links provided).

For grant administration, budget and related matters please contact:

Susan Greenwald
(215) 955-9633
(215) 955-7006 fax

For administrative help please contact:

Gloria Elnitsky
(215) 955-9079
(215) 503-3804 fax

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