Thomas Jefferson University



The Department of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics offers a rotation for medical housestaff. The Department's administrative office is located in 1170 Main Building, and the 165-bed clinical research unit (CRU) is located on 11th floor Thompson Building. Primary activities of the division are phase I-IV and II trials of pharmaceutical agents, and bench research in the pharmaceutical sciences. In addition, members of the division are active in teaching at all levels of medical training, including NIH sponsored fellowship program and a K30 grant program in Human Investigation.

one four-week
teaching block

Maximum number of residents:
one per teaching block

Resident Responsibilities

Clinical responsibilities of residents on elective will consist of assisting ongoing trials on the inpatient unit. This includes occasional direct subject (normal healthy volunteer or patient) care. However, direct patient responsibilities will be minimal during the month. The resident will also research new topics for investigation, and assist in the formulation of new clinical protocols. Residents will attend Institutional Review Board meetings as an observer. In addition, depending upon the time of the year, the resident may also assist in educational programs of undergraduate or graduate medical education. Dr. Walter Kraft ( or (215) 955-9077) is the director of the department and responsible for the elective.