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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Prognostic values of G-protein mutations in metastatic uveal melanoma
  2. Prolonged Time from Diagnosis to Breast-Conserving Surgery is Associated with Upstaging in Hormone Receptor-Positive Invasive Ductal Breast Carcinoma
  3. ASO Author Reflections: Does Prompt Breast-Conserving Surgery Matter?
  4. NSG-Pro mouse model for uncovering resistance mechanisms and unique vulnerabilities in human luminal breast cancers
  5. Quantification of spatial tumor heterogeneity in immunohistochemistry staining images
  6. Systemic CXCL10 is a predictive biomarker of vitiligo lesional skin infiltration, PUVA, NB-UVB and corticosteroid treatment response and outcome
  7. Application of Forcing Functions to Electronic Health Records Is Associated With Improved Pain Control for Patients Undergoing Radiation Therapy for Bone Metastases
  8. Predictors of Early Preterm Birth despite Vaginal Progesterone Therapy in Singletons with Short Cervix
  9. Targeting PHGDH Upregulation Reduces Glutathione Levels and Resensitizes Resistant NRAS-Mutant Melanoma to MAPK Kinase Inhibition
  10. Heterogeneity in Temporal Ordering of Depression and Participation After Traumatic Brain Injury
  11. Promoting mental health in traumatic brain injury using single-session Behavioural Activation and SMS messaging: A randomized controlled trial
  12. Activation of CD8þ T cells contributes to antitumor effects of CDK4/6 inhibitors plus MEK inhibitors
  13. Influence of Prior and Intercurrent Brain Injury on 5-Year Outcome Trajectories after Moderate to Severe Traumatic Brain Injury
  14. Development of an abbreviated symptom score for the neonatal abstinence syndrome
  15. Initial experience with scalp sparing radiation with concurrent temozolomide and tumor treatment fields (SPARE) for patients with newly diagnosed glioblastoma
  16. Functional blockade of E-selectin in tumor-associated vessels enhances anti-tumor effect of doxorubicin in breast cancer
  17. PLX3397 inhibits the accumulation of intra-tumoral macrophages and improves bromodomain and extra-terminal inhibitor efficacy in melanoma
  18. FOXD3 Regulates VISTA Expression in Melanoma
  19. An outcome assessment of a single institution’s longitudinal experience with uveal melanoma patients with liver metastasis
  20. N-Acetyl Cysteine Is Associated With Dopaminergic Improvement in Parkinson's Disease
  21. Disparities among Cervical Cancer Patients Receiving Brachytherapy
  22. Neuronatin is a modifier of estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer incidence and outcome
  23. BET Inhibition Modifies Melanoma Infiltrating T Cells and Enhances Response to PD-L1 Blockade
  24. Can nonsterile gloves for dermatologic procedures be cost-effective without compromising infection rates?
  25. Disparity in age at lung cancer diagnosis between current and former smokers