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Adam Snook, PhD

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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Emerging targets for the diagnosis of Parkinson's disease: Examination of systemic biomarkers
  2. Vaccines and immune checkpoint inhibitors: A promising combination strategy in gastrointestinal cancers
  3. Stem cells as therapeutic targets in colorectal cancer
  4. Guanylyl cyclase C as a biomarker for immunotherapies for the treatment of gastrointestinal malignancies
  5. Evaluation of CAR-T cell cytotoxicity: Real-time impedance-based analysis
  6. Guanylyl cyclase 2C (GUCY2C) in gastrointestinal cancers: recent innovations and therapeutic potential
  7. The shifting paradigm of colorectal cancer treatment: a look into emerging cancer stem cell-directed therapeutics to lead the charge toward complete remission
  8. GUCY2C as a biomarker to target precision therapies for patients with colorectal cancer
  9. From leptin to lasers: the past and present of mouse models of obesity
  10. Silencing the intestinal GUCY2C tumor suppressor axis requires APC loss of heterozygosity
  11. Companion vaccines for CAR T-cell therapy: Applying basic immunology to enhance therapeutic efficacy
  12. Chimeric Ad5.F35 vector evades anti-adenovirus serotype 5 neutralization opposing GUCY2C-targeted antitumor immunity
  13. Mobilizing toxins for cancer treatment: Historical perspectives and current strategies
  14. APC-β-catenin-TCF signaling silences the intestinal guanylin-GUCY2C tumor suppressor axis
  15. PH-Dependent Grafting of Cancer Cells with Antigenic Epitopes Promotes Selective Antibody-Mediated Cytotoxicity
  16. Talkin’ toxins: From Coley’s to modern cancer immunotherapy
  17. Two distinct GUCY2C circuits with PMV (hypothalamic) and SN/VTA (midbrain) origin
  18. Non-thermal plasma-induced immunogenic cell death in cancer
  19. Adenovirus-Mediated ABCC6 Gene Therapy for Heritable Ectopic Mineralization Disorders
  20. Therapeutic targeting of gastrointestinal cancer stem cells
  21. Silencing the GUCA2A-GUCY2C tumor suppressor axis in CIN, serrated, and MSI colorectal neoplasia
  22. Split tolerance permits safe Ad5-GUCY2C-PADRE vaccine-induced T-cell responses in colon cancer patients
  23. TcR retrogenic mice as a model to map self-tolerance mechanisms to the cancer mucosa antigen GUCY2C
  24. NHERF3 is necessary for Escherichia coli heat-stable enterotoxin-induced inhibition of NHE3: Differences in signaling in mouse small intestine and Caco-2 cells
  25. Advances in Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-Cell Therapies for Solid Tumors