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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Chimeric adenoviral (Ad5.F35) and listeria vector prime-boost immunization is safe and effective for cancer immunotherapy
  2. Real-World Treatment Strategies to Improve Outcomes in Patients with Chronic Idiopathic Constipation and Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Constipation
  3. Mechanisms of Action of Current Pharmacologic Options for the Treatment of Chronic Idiopathic Constipation and Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Constipation
  4. Cardiopoietic stem cell therapy in ischaemic heart failure: long-term clinical outcomes
  5. Health Care Evolves From Reactive to Proactive
  6. Prenatal Regeneration in Clinical Practice
  7. First-in-Human Use of a Retention-Enhanced Catheter for Endomyocardial Cell Delivery
  8. Process Improvement for Maximized Therapeutic Innovation Outcome
  9. GUCY2C signaling opposes the acute radiation-induced GI syndrome
  10. ST-producing E. Coli oppose carcinogen-induced colorectal tumorigenesis in mice
  11. Multiregion whole-exome sequencing of matched primary and metastatic tumors revealed genomic heterogeneity and suggested polyclonal seeding in colorectal cancer metastasis
  12. Peer Review Certifies Quality and Innovation in Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics
  13. Bioactivity of oral linaclotide in human colorectum for cancer chemoprevention
  14. Guanylate cyclase C as a target for prevention, detection, and therapy in colorectal cancer
  15. Prime-boost immunization eliminates metastatic colorectal cancer by producing high-Avidity effector CD8+ T cells
  16. Cardiopoietic cell therapy for advanced ischaemic heart failure: Results at 39 weeks of the prospective, randomized, double blind, sham-controlled CHART-1 clinical trial
  17. Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics: Past, Present, and Future
  18. GUCY2C maintains intestinal LGR5+ stem cells by opposing ER stress
  19. EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW - Viral gene: Protein-targeting cancer vaccine could boost survival rates
  20. Managing Innovation to Maximize Value Along the Discovery-Translation-Application Continuum
  21. Preclinical Evaluation of a Replication-Deficient Recombinant Adenovirus Serotype 5 Vaccine Expressing Guanylate Cyclase C and the PADRE T-helper Epitope
  22. A survey of physician receptivity to molecular diagnostic testing and readiness to act on results for early-stage colon cancer patients
  23. GUCY2C-directed CAR-T cells oppose colorectal cancer metastases without autoimmunity
  24. Guanylyl cyclase C signaling axis and colon cancer prevention
  25. Guanylyl cyclase C hormone axis at the intersection of obesity and colorectal cancer