Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University


October 11, 2013

08:00-08:40    Registration and Continental Breakfast

08:40-08:45    Marion J. Siegman - Welcome

08:45-09:15    Michael Walsh - Dave Hartshorne’s career and contributions (or “So, what has he
                       done anyway?”)

Session 1: Myosin light chain kinases and the roles of myosin light chain phosphorylation (Moderator: Mike Walsh)

 09:15-09:45   James Stull: Myosin light chain kinases: physiological reserve and diversity

09:45-10:15    Fumio Matsumura: Myosin phosphatase in cell motility and cell division, beyond
                       regulation of myosin light chain phosphorylation

10:15-10:30    Coffee/tea Break        

10:30-11:00    Tim Haystead: Discovery and development of novel inhibitors of ZIP                            

11:00-11:15    New and Notable: Danuta Szczesna-Cordary – Rescue mice: Exploring rescue
                       mechanisms of a malignant FHC phenotype by pseudo-phosphorylation of myosin
                       regulatory light chain.

 11:30-13:30   LUNCH and POSTER DISCUSSION

Session 2: Regulation and functions of myosin light chain phosphatase (Moderator: Tim Haystead)

 13:30-14:00   Feri Erdődi: Structure and regulation of myosin phosphatase: novel interactions and
                       functions in non-muscle cells         

14:00-14:30    Masumi Eto: Developmental and pathological rewiring of signaling pathways for myosin

14:30-15:00    David Brautigan: Myosin, toxins, MYPT and PP1

15:00-15:30    Steven Fisher: Programming smooth muscle contractile responses: Focus on myosin

15:30-15:45    New and Notable: Christine Cremo – Kinetics of the interaction of smooth muscle
                       filaments with actin in the presence of ATP.

15:45-16:00    Coffee/tea Break

Session 3: Calcium sensitization and desensitization (Moderator: Masumi Eto)

16:00-16:30    Avril Somlyo: Signaling pathways converging on myosin light chain phosphatase  to
                       modulate Ca2+ sensitization and Ca2+ desensitization of smooth muscle contraction

16:30-17:00    Katsuya Hirano: Vascular intrinsic circadian rhythm of myofilament Ca2+ sensitivity

17:00-17:30    Bill Cole: The role and pathway for activation of the Ca2+-sensitization mechanism in the
                       myogenic response of resistance arteries

17:30-18:00    Justin MacDonald: ZIPing through myosin phosphorylation events in cell motility

18:00-18:30    Frank Brozovich: The leucine zipper of MYPT1 and activation of myosin light chain
                       phosphatase during Ca2+ desensitization

18:30-19:30    MIXER (by subscription only) at room 105/107

19:30-             DINNER (by subscription only)


October 12, 2013

Session 4: Calmodulin, twitchin, phosphatase targeting and actin polymerization (Moderator: Feri Erdodi)

 08:30-09:00   Tony Persechini: The calmodulin signaling network

09:00-09:30    Marion Siegman and Tom Butler: Force maintenance by twitchin: a mini-titin that
                       tethers thick and thin filaments in catch

09:30-10:00    Laura Trinkle-Mulcahy: Mapping the PP1 phosphatome: a multifaceted
                       proteomics-based approach

10:00-10:30    Susan Gunst: Role of membrane adhesion complexes in the regulation of actin
                       cytoskeletal dynamics in smooth muscle

10:30-10:45    New and Notable: Sei Kobayashi – Paxilin is a novel signal mediator between Fyn tyrosine
                       kinase and Rho-kinase in actin stress fiber formation in vascular smooth muscle cells.

10:45-11:00    Coffee/tea Break

 Session 5: Unconventional myosins (Moderator: Tom Butler)

 11:00-11:30   Mitsuo Ikebe: Tail inhibition of unconventional myosin

11:30-12:00    Michael Ostap: Regulation and control of a membrane-bound myosin motor

12:00-12:30    David Warshaw: Cargo transport by myosin Va ensembles: communication, coordination,
                       and lack thereof

12:30-13:00    Jake Kendrick-Jones: Intracellular functions of myosins in health and disease

 13:00             Avril Somlyo - Closing comments