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Graduate Education


The main theme of our graduate educational program is Cardiovascular Regulation and Performance, which is supported by an NIH Training Grant. The program offers training at the molecular, cellular and integrative biology levels with a particular emphasis on the physiology and pathophysiology of cardiac and smooth muscle function. The specific fields represented include 1) motility, with an emphasis on cellular mechanisms of regulation of smooth and cardiac muscle, 2) membrane ion channels with an emphasis on the molecular physiology of sodium, potassium and chloride channels, and 3) signal transduction, with an emphasis on cell signaling pathways in vascular endothelial cells and smooth muscle cells.


For Program Information:

Thomas Butler, PhD
Chairperson, Graduate
Studies Committee
Department of Physiology
1020 Locust Street, Room 425
Philadelphia, PA 19107 USA
(215) 503-6583
(215) 503-2073 fax


Marion J. Seigman
Chair & Professor
Department of Molecular Physiology & Biophysics

For Applications:

Ms. Jessie Pervall
Director of Admissions & Recruitment
Jefferson College of Life Sciences
1020 Locust Street, M-60
Philadelphia, PA 19107-6799
(215) 503-4400
(215) 503-3433 fax

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