Thomas Jefferson University

Fellowship Programs

Jefferson offers several highly individualized fellowship programs that provide flexibility based upon each fellow’s individual learning objective. Fellows will acquire a diverse set of skills during their clinical rotations; and their one-on-one interaction with Jefferson faculty makes each of these programs dynamic and rewarding. We invite you to learn more about fellowships at Jefferson.

Program Directors

James F. Luebbert, MD
Division Director, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
Program Director,
Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship

Christopher Martin, MD
Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry
Program Director,
Consultation/Liaison Psychiatry Fellowship

Karl Doghramji, MD
Medical Director, Jefferson Sleep Disorders Center
Program Director,
Sleep Medicine Fellowship

William C. Jangro, DO
Division Medical Director &
Program Director,
Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship

Lara Carson Weinstein, MD, MPH, DrPH
Family & Community Medicine
Program Director, 
Addiction Medicine Fellowship

*While Addiction Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine are two distinct fellowship programs, they are jointly co-sponsored by the Department of Psychiatry & Human Behavior and the Department of Family & Community Medicine

John Lauriello, MD

John Lauriello, MD Daniel Lieberman Professor & Chair, Department of Psychiatry & Human Behavior

Mitchell J. Cohen, MD

Mitchell J. Cohen, MD Vice Chair for Psychiatric Education

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