Thomas Jefferson University

Objectives & Philosophy

Sleep Medicine Fellowship

The primary objective of our sleep medicine fellowship training program is to train clinicians in the specialty of sleep medicine and to allow the fellow to develop into an independent practicing sleep medicine physician.  Additionally, we aim to develop future academicians and to develop the sleep medicine leaders of the future. Our program is academically based and is designed to provide a well-balanced educational training experience that fulfills the requirements established by the Residency Review Committee for Sleep Medicine. We are interested in training competent and caring clinicians while providing an environment that will nurture intellectual curiosity, support personal growth and prepare fellows for a successful professional career.

We believe that this comprehensive education is attained through diverse clinical and scholarly experiences. Our curriculum and experience is designed to produce highly qualified physicians who have a superior base of medical knowledge, excellent procedural and therapeutic skills and the ability to apply these skills in the practice of sleep medicine.

As our program provides experiences in education, research, and other academic pursuits, it allows ample opportunity to pursue a variety of career paths as clinicians, educators and/or researchers. Fellows also are prepared to assume leadership and administrative positions or to continue their education in a variety of fellowships.