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Tawfik Giaddui, PhD

Recent Publications

Motion management strategies and technical issues associated with stereotactic body radiotherapy of thoracic and upper abdominal tumors: A review from NRG oncology

Structures’ validation profiles in Transmission of Imaging and Data (TRIAD) for automated National Clinical Trials Network (NCTN) clinical trial digital data quality assurance

Establishing the feasibility of the dosimetric compliance criteria of RTOG 1308: Phase III randomized trial comparing overall survival after photon versus proton radiochemotherapy for inoperable stage II-IIIB NSCLC

Investigation into image quality and dose for different patient geometries with multiple cone-beam CT systems

Radiation therapy digital data submission process for national clinical trials network

Surface dose measurements of kV XVI cone-beam CT system using NanoDot optical stimulated luminescence dosimeters

SU‐E‐I‐09: Measurements of KV XVI CBCT Dose Profiles in Phantom Using Gafchromic XRQA2 Film

Comparative dose evaluations between XVI and OBI cone beam CT systems using Gafchromic XRQA2 film and nanoDot optical stimulated luminescence dosimeters

SU‐E‐I‐07: The Effect of Different Beam Filters On the KV CBCT Image Dose Response Curves of NanoDot OSL Dosimeters

SU‐E‐T‐284: Surface Dose Evaluation for Beams with and without Flattening Filter in Breast Cancer Treatment

SU‐E‐J‐50: Measurement of the HVL Value for the 120keV Photon Beam of the X‐Ray Volume Imager (XVI) Using Ionization Chamber, Gafchromic Film XRQA2 and Diode

Characteristics of Gafchromic XRQA2 films for kV image dose measurement

SU‐E‐I‐08: KV XVI Cone Beam‐CT Dose Measurement Using Gafchromic XRQA2 Film

MO‐F‐110‐03: Reference Dosimetry of New GafChromic XR‐QA2 Model for Kilovoltage Imaging Dose Using Ion Chamber and Flat‐Bed Document Scanner

SU‐E‐I‐53: On the Characterization and the Characteristics of the GafChromic XRQA2 Radiochromic Films

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