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Resident Publications


Bar-Ad V, Hubley E, Luginbuhl A, Cognetti D, Curry J, Harrison AS, Johnson J, Keller J, Peng C, To D, Doyle L: Single Institution Implementation of Cs Interstitial Brachytherapy for Previously Irradiated Patients with Resectable Recurrent Head and Neck Carcinoma. Accepted Manuscript for publication, Journal of Contemporary Brachytherapy, June 2019

Hubley E, Trager M, Bar-Ad V, Luginbuhl A, Doyle L: A nomogram to determine required seed air kerma strength in planar Cesium-131 permanent seed implant brachytherapy. Journal of Contemporary Brachytherapy, February 2019

Michael Trager, MS, Christian Fernandez, MD, Angelia Landers, PhD, Amy Harrison, PhD, Laura Doyle, PhD, Robert Den, MD: “Dosimetric Evaluation of Plans Utilizing Hydrogel for Rectum Sparing in Hypofractionated Prostate Radiotherapy.” Accepted for a SNAP Oral presentation at the 2019 American Association of Physicists in Medicine Annual Meeting, July 14-18, 2019, San Antonio, TX.


Trager M, Greenberger B, Harrison AS, Keller J, Den RB: SpaceOAR to improve dosimetric outcomes for monotherapy high-dose-rate prostate implantation in a patient with ulcerative colitis. Journal of Contemporary Brachytherapy, December 2018.

Hubley E, Shukla G, Vakhnenko Y, Den RB, Harrison AS: Avoidance sectors to reduce dosimetric impact of an irreproducible pannus on setup uncertainty in prostate SBRT VMAT: A case study. Medical Dosimetry, May 2018.


Giaddui T, Chen W, Yu J, Lin L, Simone CB, Yuan L, Gong YUT, Wu QJ, Mohan R, Zhang X, Bluett JB, Gillin M, Moore K, O'Meara E, Presley J, Bradley JD, Liao, Z, Galvin J, Xiao Y: Establishing the feasibility of the dosimetric compliance criteria of RTOG 1308: Phase III randomized trial comparing overall survival after photon versus proton radiochemotherapy for inoperable stage II-IIIB NSCLC. Radiation Oncology, 11, Issue 1, Article number 66, May 4, 2016.

Williams NL, Keller J, Kremmel E, Lockamy VL, Harrison AS, Shi W: Scalp-sparing total skin electron therapy in mycosis fungoides: Case report highlighting technique and outcome. Practical Radiation Oncology 6, Issue 6, November 1, 439-441 (2016)


Cui Y, Chen W, Kong FM, Osen LA, Beatty RE, Maxim PG, Ritter T, Sohn JW, Higgins J, Galvin JM, Xiao Y. Contouring variations and the role of atlas in non-small cell lung cancer radiation therapy: Analysis of a multi-institutional preclinical trial planning study. Practical Radiation Oncology. 5, Issue 2, 1, e67-e75 March 2015.

Keller J, Hardin M, Giaddui T, Kremmel E, Peng C, Doyle L, Yu Y, Harrison A. Analysis of patient specific VMAT QA passing rates with Delta4 for matched machines. (AAPM Annual Meeting (2015)

Keller J, Harrison A, and Lockamy V. Novel Quality Assurance Procedure for the Small Animal Radiation Research Platform Using Commercial OSLDs. (AAPM Annual Meeting (2015)

Kremmel E, Giaddui T, Keller J, Fu M, Peng C, Doyle L, Yu Y, Harrison A. Gamma Passing Rates for IMRT QA and VMAT QA. Med. Phys. 42, 3435 (2015)

Sayler E, Eldredge-Hindy H, Dinome J, Lockamy V, Harrison AS. Clinical implementation and failure mode and effects analysis of HDR skin brachytherapy using Valencia and Leipzig surface applicators. Brachytherapy 14, Issue 2, 1, 293-299 March, 2015.

Shukla G, Lockamy V, Keller J, Sahu J, Pro B, Alpdogan O, Shi, W. High Dose Rate (HDR) Brachytherapy for Mycosis Fungoides of the Wrist. International Journal of Clinical Medicine. 6, 154-157 (2015)


Gardner SJ, Studenski MT, Giaddui T, Cui Y, Galvin J, Yu Y, Xiao, Y. Investigation into image quality and dose for different patient geometries with multiple cone-beam CT systems. Medical Physics. 41, Issue 3, Article number 031908 March, 2014.

Yu, J, Straube W, Mayo C, Giaddui T, Bosch W, Ulin K, Kry S, Galvin j, Xiao Y. Radiation Therapy Digital Data Submission Process for National Clinical Trials Network. International Journal of Radiation Oncology*Biology*Physics 90(2): 466–67 (2014)


Buzurovic I, Showalter T, Studenski M, Den RB, Dicker AP, Cao J, Xiao Y, Yu Y, Harrison A. Commissioning and implementation of an implantable dosimeter for radiation therapy. Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics. 14, (2), pp.1-19 (2013)

Chapman K, Ohri N, Showalter T, Doyle L. Using HDR Brachytherapy Dose Distributions to Shape Parametrial Boost Fields. Journal of contemporary brachytherapy 5.1: 50 (2013)

Giaddui T, Cui Y, Galvin J, Yu Y, and Xiao Y. Comparative dose evaluations between XVI and OBI cone beam CT systems using Gafchromic XRQA2 film and nanoDot optical stimulated luminescence dosimeters. Med. Phys. 40 (6), June 2013.

Keller J, Laub W, and Pillai. Novel Secondary Quality Assurance Procedure for INTRABEAMTM Output Using Commercial OSLDs Med Phys. 40, 209. (Presented at AAPM Annual Meeting (2013)

Wang J, Chen W, Studenski M, Cui Y, Le AJ, Xiao Y. A semi-automated tool for treatment plan-quality evaluation and clinical trial quality assurance. Physics in Medicine and Biology. 58, Issue 13, 7 N181-N187 July 2013.


Cao J, Cui Y, Champ CE, Liu H, Xiao Y, Werner-Wasik W, Yan Yu. Determination of internal target volume using selective phases of a 4-dimensional computed tomography scan. Practical Radiation Oncology 2, 186–192 (2012)

Chapman K, Ohri N, Showalter T, Doyle L. Using HDR Brachytherapy Dose Distributions to Shape Parametrial Boost Fields. World Congress of Brachytherapy, May, 2012.

Den RB, Nowak K, Buzurovic I, Cao J, Harrison AS, Dicker AP, and Showalter TN.  Implanted dosimeters identify radiation overdoses during prostate cancer IMRT”, International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology and Physics. 83, No.3, pp. 371-376 (2012)

Doyle LA, Hesney AJ, Chapman K, Liu H, Weiner PR, Dicker AP, Yu Y, Showalter T. Re-implantation of suboptimal prostate seed implantation: Technique with intra-operative treatment planning. J Contemp Brachytherapy, 4(3), 176-181(2012)

Giaddui T, Cui Y, Galvin J, Chen W, Yu Y, Xiao Y.  Characteristics of Gafchromic Xrqa2 Films for Kv Image Dose Measurement. Med. Phys. 39, 842-850 (2012)

Yan K, Yu Y, Tinney E, Baraldi R, Liao L. Clinical study of a noninvasive multimodal sono-contrast induced spectroscopy system for breast cancer diagnosis. Med. Phys. 39, 1571-8 (2012)


Buzurovic I, Showalter T, Dicker A, Cao J, Xiao Y, Yu Y.  Harrison A. Commissioning of an implantable dosimeter for external beam radiation therapy. AAPM Meeting July, 2011.

Buzurovic I, Podder T, Yu Y. Practical quality assurance for image-guided robotic brachytherapy system. AAPM Meeting July, 2011.

Cui Y, Doyle L, Podder T, Showalter T, Dicker A, Xiao Y, Yu Y, Liu H. Can the Number of Leftover Seeds Be Reduced? A Study of Prostate Volume, Nomogram, and Delivered Activity for Ultrasound-Guided 125I Prostate Seed Implant. Brachytherapy 10, Supplement 1, S86, May, 2011.

Cui Y, Giaddui T, Galvin JM, Chen W, Yu Y, Xiao Y.   Reference dosimetry of new GafChromic XR-QA2 model for kilovoltage imaging dose using ion chamber and flat-bed document scanner. AAPM Meeting July, 2011.

Cui Y, Piper JW, Harrison, AS, Showalter TN, Yu Y, Galvin JM and Xiao Y. Deformable Dose Accumulation with Image Guided Radiotherapy for Final Dose Evaluation in Pelvic Cases. Journal of Nuclear Medicine & Radiation TherapyS3:e001. doi:10.4172/2155-9619.S3-e001 (2011)

Eldredge HB, Studenski M, Keith SW, Trabulsi E, Lallas, CD, Gomella LG, Dicker AP, Showalter TN. Post-prostatectomy image-guided radiation therapy: Evaluation of toxicity and inter-fraction variation using online cone-beam CT. Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Oncology 55, Issue 5, 507-515 October, 2011.

Harrison A, Studenski M, Harvey A, Trabulsi EJ, Xiao Y, Yu Y, Dicker AP, Showalter TN.  Potential for dose escalation in the Post-Prostatectomy Setting with IMRT: A dosimetric study using EORTC consensus guidelines for target volume contours. Practical Radiation Oncology 1, 105-114 April, 2011.

Studenski, MT, Xiao, Y, and Harrison, AS. Measuring pacemaker dose: A clinical perspective. Medical Dosimetry. 37, 170-174 August, 2011.

Studenski M, Shen X, Yu Y, Xiao, Y, Biswas, T, Werner-Wasik, M, and Harrison, A. IMRT and VMAT for craniospinal irradiation:  A comparison with traditional techniques. International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physic, 81(2), s909 (2011)

Yan K, Liao L, Yu Y.  Sono-contrast spectroscopy for breast cancer diagnosis: Clinical study results. AAPM Meeting July, 2011.


Cao J, Liu H, Anne PR, Doyle L, Yan K, Fu L, Xiao Y, Yu Y.  Inverse Planning for CT-Based High-Dose-Rate Brachytherapy of Cervical Cancer. Brachytherapy. 9, Supplement 1, Pages S88-S89 April 2010.

Den RB, Doemer A, Kubicek G, Bednarz G, Galvin JM, Keane WM, Xiao Y, Machtay M. Daily Image Guidance with Cone-Beam Computed Tomography for Head-and-Neck Cancer Intensity-Modulated Radiotherapy: A Prospective Study. International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics. 76, Issue 5, 1353-1359 April, 2010.

Studenski MT, Xiao Y. Proton therapy dosimetry using positron emission tomography. World Journal of Radiology. 2(4):135-42. PMID: 21160579 (2010)

Xiao, Y, Cui Y, Chen W, Yu Y. Galvin, Hussaini MY. Application of evidence theory in radiation oncology outcome analysis. Proceedings-2010, 3rd International Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Informatics, BMEI 2010.


Anamalayil S, Doyle L, Harrison A, Shabason L, Yu Y, Xiao Y.  Dose Shadowing and Diode Consistency in Small Electron Fields.  Medical Physics, 36(6), 2599, June 2009.

Anamalayil S, Doemer A, Li J, Perera H, Harrison A, Podder T, Galvin J, Yu Y, Xiao Y. SU-FF-T-593: The Feasibility of Volumetric Comparison Between Respiratory Gating and ABC Med. Phys. 36(6) 2661 (2009)

Liu H, Anamalayil S, Doyle L, Harrison A, Cao J, Pursley J, Xiao Y, Yu Y.  Skin Dose Measurement for Partial Breast Brachytherapy Using OneDose MOSFET Dosimeter.  Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine, Anaheim, CA. July, 2009.

Li J, Doemer A, Cao J, Podder T, Harrison A, Yu Y, Galvin J, Xiao Y. 2009 SU-FF-T-125: Commissioning of Monaco Monte Carlo IMRT Treatment Planning System Med. Phys. 36(6) 2548 (2009)


Li J, Doemer A, Harrison AS, Galvin JM, Xiao Y. Dose calculation using monte carlo algorithm of monaco treatment planning system. International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics. 72:S674-S674 (2008)

Misic V, Doemer A, Harrison A, Fallon K, Yu Y, Xiao Y. SU-GG-T-167: The effect of leaf transmission on IMRT QA in a MiniMLC linear accelerator. Med Phys.; 35:2764-2764.AAPM (2008)


Harrison A, Misic V, Podder T, Bednarz G, Cryan G, Fallon K, Houser C, Yu Y, Xiao Y. Special Dosimetric/Measurement Considerations in Commissioning a Novel Integrated MiniMLC Linear Accelerator, Med. Phys. 34, 2489 (2007)

Yu, Y, Podder TK, Zhanag YD, NG WS, Misic V, Sherman J, Fuller D, Rubens DJ, Strang JG, Brasacchio RA, Messing EM. Robotic system for prostate brachytherapy. Computer Aided Surgery. 12, Issue 6, 366-375. November, 2017.

Misic V, Sampath V, Yu Y, Saber E. Prostate boundary detection and volume estimation using TRUS images for brachytherapy applications. International Journal of Computer assisted Radiology and Surgery 2, Issue 2 87-98 (2007)

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