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Suntharalingam Lecture


The Nagalingam Suntharalingam Lecture is presented annually to honor Jefferson's Professor Emeritus, an international leader in the field of medical physics, and former Chief of Medical Physics in the Department of Radiation Oncology at Thomas Jefferson University.

The Nagalingam Suntharalingam Annual Lecture would not be possible without the generous support of Dr. Suntharalingam’s family, friends and colleagues. This includes present and past faculty members of the Department of Radiation Oncology at Thomas Jefferson University, as well as medical and physics residents and post-doctoral fellows. Contributions from his many friends within the American Association of Physicists in Medicine, the American College of Medical Physics, the American College of Radiology, and several equipment manufacturers have helped to make the idea of this yearly event a reality. Special thanks are extended to Adam P. Dicker, MD, PhD, Yan Yu, PhD, MBA, Alex Khariton, RTT, MBA, Sara Simons, and Mildred Harden for their efforts in the organization of this year’s lecture. The efforts of the staff of the Development Office of Thomas Jefferson University are also appreciated.

Suntharalingam Lectures

2019 - The Future of Radiotherapy Physics
Bruce Thomadsen, PhD

2018-Is Informatics the Future of the Science of Medical Physics  
Bruce Curran, MS, ME     

2017-Emerging treatment paradigms and new challenges in Radiation Oncology
M. Saiful Huq, PhD, FAAPM, FlnstP 

2016-How Real-time Image Guidance is changing the Practice of Radiation Oncology
Bhudatt R. Paliwal, PhD, FAAPM, FACMP, FASTRO

2015 - Role of Charged Particle Beams in Modern Radiotherapy
Faiz M. Khan, PhD, FAAPM, FACMP

2014 - Disruptive Technology on the Horizon for Radiation Oncology: A Report of the ASTRO AAPM NCI Workshop
Mary K. Martel, PhD, FAAPM

2013 - QA in the Era of Advanced Treatment Technologies
Geoffrey S. Ibbott, PhD

2012 - Radiation Oncology in the 20teens: Optimization of Response-based, Adaptive Therapy
Randall K. Ten Haken, PhD

2011 - Dose Distributions, Toxicity, and Local Control: Recent Results and Open Questions
Joseph O. Deasy, PhD

2010 - Image-Guided Stereotactic
Cedric X. Yu, DSc, FAAPM and Carl M. Mansfield, MD Professor

2009 – Proton Therapy - Physical Potential and Clinical Reality
Thomas Bortfeld, PhD

2008 – Image-guided Radiation Therapies: Improved Cancer Treatment Outcomes with Imaging Science Advances
Jeffrey F. Williamson, PhD, FAAPM

2007 – The Challenge of Infraction Motion in Radiotherapy
Paul J. Keall, PhD

2006 – Proton Therapy: Is it the Next Evolution in Radiation Therapy?
Jatinder R. Palta, PhD, FAAPM

2005 – Imaging from Man to Molecules: How will Advances in Radiology Affect Radiation Oncology?
Andrew D.A. Maidment, PhD

2004 – Image-Guided Radiotherapy
Radhe Mohan, PhD, FAAPM

2003 – An Integrated System for Precision Radiation Therapy
David A Jaffray, PhD

2002 – A Perspective on Radiation Treatment Accuracy
John W. Wong, PhD

2001 – Tomotherapy
Thomas R. Mackie, PhD

2000 – Evidence-based Multidimensional Radiotherapy
Clifton C. Ling, PhD

1999 – Radiotherapy for Cervix Cancer is Still Primitive and Needs to be Updated
Colin G. Ortin, PhD

1998 – Technical Improvements in Radiation Oncology: Treatment Planning and Treatment Delivery
James A. Purdy, PhD