Amy S. Harrison, PhD

Amy S. Harrison, PhD

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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. A phase IB clinical trial of 15 Gy HDR brachytherapy followed by hypofractionated/SBRT in the management of intermediate-risk prostate cancer
  2. Avoidance sectors to reduce dosimetric impact of an irreproducible pannus on setup uncertainty in prostate SBRT VMAT: A case study
  3. Single institution implementation of permanent 131Cs interstitial brachytherapy for previously irradiated patients with resectable recurrent head and neck carcinoma
  4. SpaceOAR to improve dosimetric outcomes for monotherapy high-dose-rate prostate implantation in a patient with ulcerative colitis
  5. Process Mapping and Time Study to Improve Efficiency of New Procedure Implementation for High-Dose Rate Prostate Brachytherapy
  6. Scalp-sparing total skin electron therapy in mycosis fungoides: Case report highlighting technique and outcome
  7. Using the ACR Accreditation Process As a Quality Improvement Tool
  8. Pancreatic cancer planning: Complex conformal vs modulated therapies
  9. Evaluation of Elekta 4D cone beam CT-based automatic image registration for radiation treatment of lung cancer
  10. Clinical implementation and failure mode and effects analysis of HDR skin brachytherapy using Valencia and Leipzig surface applicators
  11. Optimizing patient positioning for intensity modulated radiation therapy in hippocampal-sparing whole brain radiation therapy
  12. Evolution of advanced technologies in prostate cancer radiotherapy
  13. Using Qualitative Measures to Improve Quality in Radiation Oncology
  14. Radiotherapy protocol deviations and clinical outcomes: A meta-analysis of cooperative group clinical trials
  15. Clinical experience transitioning from IMRT to VMAT for head and neck cancer
  16. Intensity-modulated radiation therapy and volumetric-modulated arc therapy for adult craniospinal irradiation-A comparison with traditional techniques
  17. Commissioning and implementation of an implantable dosimeter for radiation therapy
  18. Quality assurance peer review chart rounds in 2011: A survey of academic institutions in the United States
  19. Dosimetric verification using Monte Carlo calculations for tissue heterogeneity-corrected conformal treatment plans following RTOG 0813 dosimetric criteria for lung cancer stereotactic body radiotherapy
  20. Pilot study of meaningful use of electronic health records in radiation oncology
  21. Implanted dosimeters identify radiation overdoses during IMRT for prostate cancer
  22. Measuring pacemaker dose: A clinical perspective
  23. SU‐E‐T‐540: Evaluation of Forced‐Density Corrected Dose Calculation for Lung Cancer Treatment
  24. SU‐E‐T‐222: How to Define and Manage Quality Metrics in Radiation Oncology
  25. Potential for dose escalation in the postprostatectomy setting with intensity-modulated radiation therapy: A dosimetric study using EORTC consensus guidelines for target volume contours