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Jefferson’s is among the most productive radiology departments in the country when it comes to research funding and publication. Here, there is a strong culture of inquiry and collaboration among faculty members that extends to trainees, who are viewed as potential partners as much as students.

As such, residents are expected to fulfill a research requirement as a part of their training at Jefferson. With faculty direction, trainees must complete a project of their own and submit it for publication at a peer-reviewed journal or national meeting. Research credit is not based on the manuscripts acceptance, as the emphasis is on understanding the process of generating a question and devising a way to answer it.

Upon arriving in the Department, trainees are assigned a faculty mentor who helps to orient and guide them toward research topics of interest. As trainees discern their own areas of interest, they may seek out a faculty member whose own research aligns more closely with their project.

As an additional resource, the 3rd and 4th Wednesday of every month is reserved for the Departmental Radiology Conference. This consists of Grand Rounds, presented by a faculty or invited speaker, covering topics of interest in all radiology subspecialties. Conference also includes research seminars presented in a unique “Journal Club” format, allowing everyone in the Department to present the results of their research activities to peers. Residents are required to present a project here at various stages of completion.

Aside from mentorship, trainees have 24/7 access to the Department of Radiology Library, which contains 300 textbooks and issues of 15 medical journals, as well as computer access to all major Radiology and medical journals. There is also an extensive teaching file of over 1,600 annotated representative radiographs, in addition to a selection of clinical presentations that includes the entire American College of Radiology teaching file.

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