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Patan Hospital Ultrasound Training Center (Kathmandu, Nepal)

Dr. Sudha Suwa

Affiliate Center Director:
Dr. Sudha Suwal, Chief of Radiology/Imaging

Date Center Established

May, 2003


Dr. Sudha Suwal
Dr. Binod Parmar

Educational Programming Opportunities

Patan Hospital conducts resident doctor and intern trainee in rotating specialties for approximately 35 young Nepali doctors. It is a training site for the Lalitpur Nursing Campus, as well as for shorter courses in Anesthesia training and Birthing Center Refresher.

Brief Highlights

The Patan Hospital Ultrasound Department ran a training program from 1989 through 1996. This program was for a range of doctors of different skills.

Contact Information

Mrs. Cindy Langworthy - Patan Hospital

977-1-5522295/ 5522266/ 5522278
977-1-4225559 fax

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