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Durban, South Africa

Affiliate Center Director

Dr. Peter Corr

Affiliate Center Director:
Dr. Peter Corr

Dr. Peter Corr is currently chairman of the department of radiology at the medical College. Dr. Corr began training in ultrasound 15 years ago when he was a resident at the University of Cape Town. He spent two years as a fellow in ultrasound. Dr. Corr has a special interest in ultrasound training in developing countries and I has travelled extensively throughout Africa and Asia visiting departments and teaching. He has most recently returned from teaching in Nairobi, Kenya.


The ultrasound department which is part of the University of Natal Medical College, has been training radiologists and sonographers since the early seventies. It was the first department to offer sonongraphy training in Africa. Today, there are ultrasound departments in all five of our teaching hospitals with a current staff of ten sonographers.


Currently, there are a total of ten sonographers in our hospitals, ten radiologists and 22 residents. There are busy in and out patient ultrasound clinics in all five hospitals that the department services. Between 150 and 200 out-patients are seen per day, in addition to 100 in-patients.

Current Projects

An annual course for radiologists and sonogrpahers is offered through the department. Rural based physicians and radiographers are taught the basics of obstetric and abdominal ultrasound in weekly courses.

Plans For The Future

The Center hopes to expand its ultrasound courses to other areas of South Africa and other countries in Sub-Saharan Africa where there is tremendous interest in ultrasound but few if any facilities.

Contact Information

Dr. Peter Corr
Professor and Head of the Department of Radiology
University of Natal Medical College
719 Umbilo Road
Durban 4001
South Africa

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