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Simex-Sono Center (L'viv, Ukraine)

Yuri Ivaniv, MD

Affiliate Center Director:
Yuri Ivaniv, MD

Yuri Ivaniv, M.D., Ph.D. graduated from Lviv Medical University in 1978, specialized in radiological department of All-Union Scientific Surgical Center (Moscow) in invasive cardiological radiology (1980), studied in Bakulyev Cardiac Surgery Institute (Moscow) in ultrasonography (1983), New York State University in Buffalo in Doppler ultrasonography (1991), Vienna University (Austria) in transesophageal echocardiography (1993). In 1994 and 1996 Dr. Ivaniv studied at Thomas Jefferson University. Currently Dr. Ivaniv is head of the diagnostic radiology department of the postgraduate medicine faculty at Lviv State Medical University.

Staff Members

Dr. Tetyana Moroz. - pediatric, obstetrical and gynecological ultrasound
Dr. Yuri Dovhan - abdominal and small parts ultrasonography
Dr. Volodymyr Pavliouk - cardiac ultrasonography
Dr. Victor Jelev, who studied at Thomas Jefferson University, also collaborates with Simex-Sono Center.

Educational Opportunities

The Simex-Sono Center was created in March 1995 as a clinical affiliate of the diagnostic radilogy department of Lviv State Medical University with the support of Thomas Jefferson University, the Open Society Institute, and Acuson Corporation.

The Simex-Sono Center offers a variety of programs, from one-week training in special ultrasonographic methods, to 4-month courses of primary specialization. Every year 100-120 physicians from throughout Ukraine receive training at Simex-Sono. The extensive medical library and video library are widely used in conjunction with classroom lectures.

Students from around the world have also taken advantage of the Center¹s programs. Physicians from India, Lebanon, Nepal and Ghana have received training in clinical ultrasonography at Simex-Sono.

Additional Simex-Sono Projects:

  • Consultations in difficult diagnostic cases.
  • Propagation of modern US methods in clinical practice and medical research.
  • Creation and distribution of textbooks, guides and reference materials.
  • Publishing of monthly Ukrainian journal "Medycyna svitu" (Medicine of the World).
  • The Ukrainian translation of the textbook "Ultrasonography" by Barry Goldberg and Holger Pettersson is complete. Publication is planned for September 1998.

Contact Information

Ultrasound Educational and Diagnostic Center "Simex-Sono"
69-B/502 Pekarska St.
Lviv, 290010 Ukraine

380-322-769352 fax

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