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How to Apply for a Visiting Fellowship

To determine if space is available in a visiting fellowship at the time that you prefer, please email us at with "Visiting Fellowship" in the subject line and provide the following information in the body of the email message:

  1. Your name, city, country, profession, affiliation/where you work, phone number were we may contact you and your preferred email address.  Alternatively you can attach a copy of you curriculum vitae.
  2. Which fellowship do you wish to apply for.
  3. The desired start and end dates for the visiting fellowship or the general time period and duration (i.e. “summer next year” and “3 weeks”).
  4. Provide a brief statement of your learning objectives – that is, what you want to accomplish during the visiting fellowship.
  5. Provide an indication if you will need low-cost dormitory housing during your stay. For more information on the Martin Building which is our on-campus dormitory visit web page   Overview of Martin Building and for information on costs visit pages Martin Rates and Martin Short-Term Accommodation Rates.  Visiting Fellows qualify for the "Student Rates" shown in the housing rates table.
  6. If you are NOT a USA citizen, describe your visa status.  Do you already have a visa for the United States that will cover the period for which you have requested the visiting fellowship?  If yes, provide the details (type of visa, valid from/to,  multi-entry or single entry). 

We will contact the division director(s) for approval of the proposed visiting fellowship and desired dates and, if you request housing in the Martin Building, will determine if space is available on the desired dates.   If everything is favorable, we will notify you that the visiting fellowship has been tentatively approved and that you may proceed with the full application.  We will send you all required forms at that time. 

On receipt of your application and the nonrefundable $100 processing fee we will finalize the visiting fellowship and reserve the agreed-upon dates.  At that point we will initiate processing of your visa if required.