Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University

Visiting Fellowship FAQ

It varies from division to division. Most only accept 1 or 2. Ultrasound and the MFM divisions can generally take three who will be assigned in different areas.

Yes. If your tuition is $1,000 you would pay only $900 after the application fee is deducted.

Yes. Most of the residents are visiting fellows or researchers who need the lowest possible housing costs during their stay. The facilities are spartan and minimialist but adequate.

Both. We have to tell the administrator of the Martin Building that you have been accepted for a visiting fellowship for specific dates, and then you can make the reservation for those dates.

No. You will be responsible for your own meals, housing and all other expenses during your stay. The hospital has an excellent cafeteria which offers relatively low cost food.

Yes. The first three months must be paid on arrival but the remaining months can be paid quarterly in advance on the first business day of the period. Such arrangements must be finalized before you arrive at Jefferson.

Yes, except for the nonrefundable $100 application fee.

Yes. You will need your passport, visa and at least one additional form of official identification (i.e. driver's license, identity card with your picture etc.) in order to open an account. Several banks in the immediate area will provide accounts for foreign nationals.