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Radiology CT/MRI Fellowship

Radiology CT/MRI Imaging Visiting Fellowships are available in:

Computed Tomography - Body


Director: Laurence Needleman, MD
Tuition: $250/day, $1,200 per week, $900 for each additional week up to 1 month, $500 for each additional week after 1 month

Approximate # of cases per day: 50

The computed body tomography visiting fellowship offers close contact with dedicated CT radiologists. The majority of this fellowship consists of participation in the reading of body CT images. Fellows may work with technologists on workstations and multi slice scanners (with prior arrangement) and also participate in weekly conferences/lectures.

The objective of this program is to support development of an understanding of the computed tomographic sectional diagnosis of the mediastinum, chest, abdominal organs, retroperitoneum and pelvic structures. The visiting fellow will also have the opportunity to develop confidence in the selection of appropriate computed tomographic protocols for specific clinical problems. This fellowship is offered in one-week blocks. Subspecialty concentrations available include chest, abdominal and vascular. The visiting fellowship experience can be tailored to individual needs. Equipment: Multidetector CTs from several manufacturers with 256, 64 and 16 detectors are used daily in the division. CT fluoroscopy is also used for interventions. Workstations from multiple manufacturers as well as standalone workstations are available for review.

MRI - Body


Director: Donald G. Mitchell, MD
Tuition: $250/day, $1,200 per week, $900 for each additional week up to 1 month, $500 for each additional week after 1 month.

Approximate # of cases per day: 20-30 body, vascular and cardiac cases

This fellowship emphasizes routine and advanced clinical applications of Body MRI, including dynamic multiphasic gadolinium enhancement in all body parts, gynecologic MRI, total body MRA, MRCP, cardiac, etc. This busy teleradiology-based service reads body cases from a total of nine 1.5 Tesla units (seven with advanced echo planar capabilities), two 3.0 Tesla units with advanced features, two 1.0 Tesla units and three open MRI systems (1.5T, 0.7T and 0.3T), providing a unique opportunity to learn protocol optimization for systems with varied capabilities. All case interpretation and teaching is by five body MRI specialists who emphasize practical application of MRI physics and techniques. Depending on interest, a combined body/ musculoskeletal fellowship can be arranged.

Musculoskeletal (Bone, primarily MRI)


Director: William Morrison, MD Co-Director: Adam Zoga, MD
Tuition: $250/day, $1,200 per week, $900 for each additional week up to 1 month, $500 for each additional week after 1 month.

Approximate # of MRI/CT cases per day: 80; 2,500 per month

This fellowship is geared toward the individual desiring flexible advanced training in Musculoskeletal Imaging. The participant can custom-tailor a self-directed program to include observation of MRI, CT, and radiography readout, as well as interventional bone and joint procedures. This fellowship program incorporates advanced imaging of shoulder, knee, foot and ankle, hip, wrist, elbow, and professional sports medicine imaging. Approximately 30-40 MR arthrograms (direct and indirect) are reviewed each week. Procedures include biopsies of bone and soft tissue, arthrograms, nerve blocks, disc aspiration and discography. An extensive digital teaching file is available for review. Personal consultation on individual cases and protocol selection is available.