Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Residency

Class of 2017

Spasticity Fellowship - Philadelphia, PA
Sports Medicine Fellowship - Chicago, IL
Interventional Spine and Sports Fellowship - York, PA
Pediatric Rehabilitation - Boston, MA
General Rehabilitation - Wilmington, DE
General Rehabilitation - Philadelphia, PA
General Rehabilitation - Bethlehem, PA
General Rehabilitation - Hartford, CT

Graduating Class 2016:

Pediatric Rehabilitation - Wilmington, DE
General Rehabiliation and Electromyography - Philadelphia, PA
Interventional Spine Fellowship - Philadelphia, PA
Pain Medicine Fellowship - Philadelphia, PA
Pain Medicine Fellowship - Minneapolis, MN 
Sports and Spine Fellowship - New York, NY
Sports Medicine Fellowship - Philadelphia, PA
OMM Fellowship - Philadelphia, PA

Class of 2015:

General Inpatient and Cardiac Rehabilitation - New York, NY
Sports and Spine Fellowship - Napa, CA
Sports and Spine Fellowship - Napa, CA
Pediatric Rehabilitation - Baltimore, MD
OMM and Neuromusculoskeletal Fellowship - Fort Worth, TX
Brain Injury Fellowship - West Orange, NJ
Sports Medicine Fellowship - Chicago, IL
Sports Medicine Fellowship - Springfield, PA

Class of 2014:

Interventional Spine Fellowship - Clearwater, FL
General Rehabilitation - Portland, OR
Pediatric Rehabilitation - San Diego, CA
General Rehabilitation - Newtown Square, PA
Sports Medicine Fellowship - Los Angeles, CA
Pain Management Fellowship - Philadelphia, PA
Headache Medicine Fellowship - Philadelphia, PA
Sports and Spine Fellowship - York, PA

Graduating Class 2013:

Inpatient Rehabilitation - Philadelphia, PA
Pediatric Rehabilitation Fellowship - Cincinnati, OH
Sports and Spine Fellowship - York, PA
Sports Medicine Fellowship - Los Angeles, CA
Pediatric Rehabilitation Fellowship - Wilmington, DE
Spinal Cord Injury Fellowship - Palo Alto, CA
Sports and Spine Fellowship - Napa, CA

Comments on Jefferson Rehabilitation Medicine Residency Program

“I could not be happier. Not only did I work with some of the modern day founders of PM&R (Ditunno/ Herbison/ Jacobs), but I was able to work with current big players, covering multiple sub-specialties, that are leaders in PM&R research (Marino, Oleson, Simon). If you asked me a few months before graduation if I was ready to be on my own as an independent practitioner, I would have said, "For the most part, but I am a little nervous." Now, I don't know what I was thinking. Not only do I feel comfortable and confident in my medical decision making, but I have impressed my patients, my attendings/ staff, and other practitioners with my knowledge base, experience, and patient care.”

Josh Armstrong

I came to Jefferson because I wanted to do pediatric/PM&R and of course it is one of the few combined programs available. I chose Jefferson specifically because both the Pediatric and the PM&R programs are each strong programs on their own and I could tell that both departments worked well together at the benefit of the combined program residents.. In focusing on the PM&R program we have an abundance of incredible teachers and mentors who really go above and beyond to help mold residents in to fantastic attendings. “

Pritha Dalal

“I chose Jeff for its well rounded rehabilitation training and for the ability to work directly with my supervising attendings, often in a 1:1 setting. It has a excellent balance of professional and academic environment and significant exposure to multi-specialty/interdisciplinary learning experiences on rotations like at the Rothman Institute”

Nicole Spare

I chose Jefferson for its reputation as an excellent Hospital and PM&R Residency program. For the known and amazing faculty that work there and their dedication. Also the decision was based on what the previous residents said about their program on the interview day. I ranked it as my number one and I am truly lucky to have had the chance of completing my residency here at Jeff. I would do it over again in a split second. I feel it gave me great preparation for my future and to be able to take on so many various routes that are available for us out of residency. I feel so honored to have been taught by such amazing faculty and have the utmost respect for our institution and program. I feel that Jefferson PM&R program attracts really dedicated, bright and well rounded residents.”

Yana Grigoreff

“I think that two of the greatest assets I gained while at TJUH that has set me apart from other physicians are my physical exam skills and knowledge of anatomy. Both of which I contribute to Dr. Herbison’s teaching.”

Patrick Hazen

“The training at Jefferson is excellent. My physical examination skills are far superior to my colleagues from other training programs. At Jeff, educational experiences are truly valued and supported.”

Ashlee Goldsmith