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Colorectal Surgery Fellowship

Program Overview

The residency program in colorectal surgery (CRS) at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital provides advanced training in this specialized field for selected candidates. Selection is based on prior academic achievement as well as professional characteristics assessed by letters of recommendation, communications with previous training programs, and personal interview.

The CRS resident is under the direct supervision of the program director and serves an intermediary role in the care of the colorectal surgery patients with responsibility and authority at a level between the attending surgeons and general surgery residents. Great importance is placed upon the need for preserving graded responsibility in the integrated training of the of the general surgery residents while enlarging the scope of responsibility of the CRS resident.

The CRS resident participates fully in the care of colorectal outpatients and is taught the diagnostic, therapeutic, endoscopic and surgical techniques suited to the care of these patients. Emphasis is placed upon the personal instruction of the resident in the outpatient office, at the bedside, in the operating room, and on teaching rounds. Attendance at divisional and departmental conferences is expected.

The CRS resident provides formal and informal lectures to the general surgery residents and medical students and serves as an academic role model. The CRS resident is strongly encouraged to participate in ongoing clinical and laboratory research and to author scientific publications. Formal scientific presentations at regional and national meetings are anticipated.

The Colorectal Surgical Service under the direction of Scott D. Goldstein, MD, consists of 3 attending surgeons, the CRS resident, a PGY-3 general surgery resident, a PGY-1 general surgery resident and one or two medical students. The inpatient population ranges between 10 and 30 patients.

Current Fellow


Caitlyn M. Costanzo, MD
Colorectal Surgery Fellow

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital

Medical School
Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University



Gerald Isenberg, MD
Program Director


John Davis
Program Coordinator

Division of
Colorectal Surgery

1015 Walnut Street
Curtis Building
Suite 620
Philadelphia, PA  19107

(215) 955-5750

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