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Colorectal Surgery Fellowship


The colorectal surgery resident has the following responsibilities:

  • Supervision of inpatient care regarding evaluation and diagnosis, treatment plan (including preoperative preparation and postoperative management as appropriate), discharge planning, and daily work rounds.
  • Appropriate participation in surgical and endoscopic activities of the Division, with progressive responsibility.
  • Interview and examination of new outpatients and inpatient consultations with development of a plan for diagnosis and management under supervision.
  • Coordination of and participation in weekly teaching rounds.
  • Attendance at departmental and interdepartmental conferences, including Morbidity and Mortality (weekly), Cancer Management Conference (weekly), GI Surgery conference (weekly), GI Multidisciplinary Conference (monthly), and GI Surgery Conference (weekly).
  • Selection and presentation of journal articles and topic reviews for the weekly Colorectal Surgery Fellows Conference. (Every other week is journal club alternating with a Powerpoint teaching conference according to the schedule provided at the beginning of the program.)

Gerald Isenberg, MD
Program Director


John Davis
Program Coordinator

Division of
Colorectal Surgery

1015 Walnut Street
Curtis Building
Suite 620
Philadelphia, PA  19107

(215) 955-5750

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